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Anime dubs, online games & more! – Curiosity Shop #155 Mailbag

Questions & Timestamps:

(00:24) – What’s your favourite anime? And do you prefer subs or dubs?
(02:30) – What are your thoughts on the twist ending in the original Shrek where Fiona decides to be ugly with Shrek rather than hot with Shrek. Would you call it empowering? What outcome would you have preferred if you were in Shreks shoes?
(04:02) – What are your thoughts on esports?
(05:52) – What draws you to play League of Legends? Who is your favorite champion?
(07:19) – How can I get my little brother to challenge you to Fortnite and if he wins will you grow a wizard beard? And more seriously, what are your thoughts and feelings about Bioshock (1)?
(09:31) – Should Marvel and Star Wars worlds be in future Kingdom Hearts games?
(09:37) – Are you a fan of Fire Emblem?
(10:30) – Do you prefer 2D or 3D Metroid?
(11:13) – What is your favorite battle style in any given game? Turn-based, real time, a combo of the two, other?

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Can you guess the quote on the paper or any of the music? How about your thoughts about the questions? What’s your favorite anime, and do you prefer anime subtitled or dubbed? What do you think of esports? Do you prefer 2D or 3D Metroid? And what’s your favorite style of combat system in video games? Tell me in the comments!

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Anime Review/Rant: Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online.

SAOAGGO was a PERFECT adaptation. PERIOD! A1 needs to lose the SAO license since somehow Studio Wit cares more for the SAO license than even A1 themselves!!!!!!!

This video is mostly me just ranting about how bad the adaptation of SAO seasons 1 and 2 are and why Alternative is a PERFECT adaptation

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PROVIS Podcast: Anime Crimes Division, Sabakon, Talkin’ About Talkin’ Trash Online (Nov 2017)

00:49 – 14:30 Anime Crimes Division

14:31 – 15:52 PBnT launched their patreon

15:54 – 20:24 Sungwon’s Twitch Stream, Lego building

20:25 – 28:15 Sabakon 2017, Las Vegas

28:14 – 37:33 Expressing negative opinions online,

38:20 – 46:22 Objectivity about “good” or “bad” in movies/anime.

46:45 – 48:55 Super Mario Odyssey/Animal Crossing/ Civ 5

48:56 – 54:40 Being open to discussing what you like or dislike about a movie/taking other

people’s online opinions too personally.

54:44 – 57:31 That Talking Pikachu





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[ VRChat ] I Paid an Anime Voice Actor to Play VRChat – Part 3

VRChat is basically the Internets Disney world. I asked the ever so talented Pastelle to help me play some jokes on other players, here’s what we got. Pastelle does voice acting, singing and all kinds of cool stuff. You can find HER channel HERE!►https://goo.gl/Zce2UQ

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Sword Art Online Alternative Gun Gale Online Anime Review

The alternate story to the Sword Art Online franchise which takes place in Gun Gale Online does a few things different from the main anime. Here is my review!

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The Pokemon Moves the ANIME got WRONG! | Gnoggin – Pokemon Anime Mistakes

Ever see a Pokemon use a move in the anime and you wondered why? Sometimes Pokemon in the anime use moves that they cant even learn in the games. There are a number of reasons for this, and it isn’t even that big of a deal, but this is a fun list showcasing all of these moments in the anime!

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[18+] Call of Duty THE ANIME!

This is the weirdest video I’ve ever uploaded.. and hopefully ever will..
So leave a like!

In this video my friends and I tried out the Neptunia Character Model Mod for Black Ops 3 on PC. I apologize to everybody in advance if you watch anime because this video is an abomination. We were just messing around.
I hope you enjoy!

Friends in the video:
Exzds: http://bit.ly/2vWyWqy
Sparkle: http://bit.ly/2MC79mP
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Never too Late | Sword Art Online (SAO) AMV ♪ Anime Music (Three Days Grace)

Aqui el tercer video que hago con el Vegas Pro,y de paso estoy comenzando a hacer tributos a diversos animes como clips musicales de Sonic; esta vez a uno de mis animes preferidos,SAO.Ojala les guste,like comenten y Suscríbanse!
Anterior video anime: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xyxLnQyEWRw
Siguiente video-FNAF: https://youtu.be/no2WV-N7Yr4
Anterior video Sonic: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=88OJ23MWhSE

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Anime Cross 2 Huge Update!

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VR Anime Girl Contest Is PAINFUL

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