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Steven Universe Characters As Anime

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song : Steven Universe MV/ Love Like You — VGR Remix
Video Link : http://viid.me/qvDQPK

Part 1° : https://youtu.be/fC_MMhSV3fc
Part 2° : https://youtu.be/7AJg-hhs_xM
Part 3° : https://youtu.be/ICHeeXOSznw

Ingles : In This Video You Will See Steven Universe Characters As Anime, Steven Quartz Universe,Garnet,pearl,Amethyst,Rose Quartz,Peridot,ruby,Sapphire,lion,Connie Maheswaran,Bismuth,Jasper,Yellow Pearl,Yellow Court,Topaz,Aquamarine,Defense Zircon,Prosecuting Zircon,Blue Pearl,Holly Blue Agate,Blue Court,Lapis Lazuli,Opal,Sugilite,Sardonyx,Rainbow Quartz,Alexandrite,Stevonnie,Smoky Quartz,Malachite,Corrupted Jasper Fusion,Yellow Diamond,Blue Diamond,Rutile Twins,Rhodonite,Padparadscha Sapphire,Off Colors,Fluorite,Centipeetle,The Cluster,Greg Universe,Sadie Miller,Laramie «Lars» Barriga,The Big Donut,The Universes/The DeMayos,Peedee Fryman, kiki,jenny,Fish Stew Pizza,Buck Dewey,Fish & Chips,Sour Cream,Vidalia,jamie,kevin,Mystery Girl/»X»,Holo-Pearl,pink lars.

Steven Universe is an American animated television series created by Rebecca Sugar for Cartoon Network. The series revolves around Steven Universe (voiced by Zach Callison), who protects his hometown of Beach City alongside Garnet (voiced by Estelle), Amethyst (voiced by Michaela Dietz) and Pearl (voiced by Deedee Magno), three magical alien guardians known as the Crystal Gems. The series was renewed for a fourth and fifth season in March 2016.
As of May 29, 2017, 128 regular 11-minute episodes of Steven Universe have aired over the course of the series, plus two special double-length 22-minute episodes. Episodes have variously been broadcast once a week (most recently on Friday nights), or in blocks of five new episodes in the course of a week, which are marketed as «Stevenbombs the latest of which aired from May 8–11, 2017.

Español : En este video podrás ver personajes de Steven Universo como Anime, Steven Quartz Universo, Granate, Perla, Amatista, Rosa Cuarzo, Peridoto, Rubí, Zafiro, León, Connie Maheswaran, Bismuto, Jasper, Aguamarina, Zircon de Defensa, Zircon de Prosecución, Perla Azul, Ágata Azul Holly, Corte Azul, Lapislázuli, Opal, Sugilite, Sardonyx, Cuarzo Arcoiris, Alejandrita, Stevonnie, Cuarzo ahumado, Malaquita, Fusion Jasper Corrompida, Diamante Amarillo, Diamante Azul, Rutilo Gems, Rhodonite, Padparadscha Sapphire, Colores Off, Fluorita, Centipeetle, El Cluster, Greg Universo, Sadie Miller, Laramie «Lars» Barriga, The Big Donut, The Universe / The DeMayos, Peedee Fryman, Buck Dewey, Fish & Chips, crema agria, Vidalia, jamie, kevin, Mystery Girl / «X», Holo-Perla, rosa lars.

Steven Universe es una serie de televisión estadounidense de animación creada por Rebecca Sugar para Cartoon Network. La serie gira en torno a Steven Universe (voz de Zach Callison), que protege su ciudad natal de Beach City junto a Garnet (voz de Estelle), Amethyst (voz de Michaela Dietz) y Pearl (voz de Deedee Magno), tres guardianes mágicos extranjeros conocidos como Las gemas de cristal. La serie fue renovada para una cuarta y quinta temporada en marzo de 2016.
A partir del 29 de mayo de 2017, 128 episodios regulares de 11 minutos de Steven Universe han sido transmitidos en el transcurso de la serie, además de dos episodios especiales de doble duración de 22 minutos. Los episodios han sido difundidos una vez por semana (más recientemente los viernes por la noche), o en bloques de cinco nuevos episodios en el curso de una semana, que se comercializan como «Stevenbombs la última de las cuales se emitió del 8 al 11 de mayo de 2017.

Portugues : Neste vídeo você vai ver personagens de Steven Universo como Anime, Steven Quartz Universo, Garnet, Pearl, ametista, quartzo rosa, peridoto, rubi, safira, Leon, Connie Maheswaran, bismuto, Jasper, Aquamarine, Zircon Defesa Zircon acusação, Blue Pearl, ágata azul Holly azul Cut, Lapis, Opal, Sugilite, Sardonyx, Quartz Arcoiris, alexandrita, Stevonnie, quartzo fumê, malaquita, Fusion Jasper corrompido, diamante amarelo, Blue Diamond, rutilo Gems, Rhodonite, Padparadscha Sapphire, cores Off, fluorite, Centipeetle, Cluster, Greg Universo, Sadie Miller, Laramie «Lars» Barriga, The Big Donut, O Universo / Os DeMayos, Peedee Fryman, Buck Dewey, Fish & chips, creme de leite, Vidalia, Jamie, kevin , Mystery Girl / «X» Holo-pérola, Lars-de-rosa.

Steven Universo é uma série de animação de televisão americana criada por Rebecca Sugar para o Cartoon Network. A série gira em torno de Steven Universe (voz de Zach Callison), que protege sua cidade natal de Beach City com Garnet (voz de Estelle), Ametista (dublado por Michaela Dietz) e Pearl (voz de Deedee Magno), três guardas a magia estrangeira conhecida como gemas de vidro. A série foi renovada para uma quarta e quinta temporada março 2016.

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Le tout premier trailer de l’anime promo Super Dragon Ball Heroes : Universe Mission vient d’être dévoilé !
-Lien vers le trailer : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UAvdRZsZzAo
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-Electro Cabello par Kevin MacLeod est distribué sous la licence Creative Commons Attribution (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/)
Source : http://incompetech.com/music/royalty-free/index.html?isrc=USUAN1400048
Artiste : http://incompetech.com/

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Steven Universe Season 5 Anime Opening! [FAN-MADE]

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It’s time to imagine what Steven Universe’s opening for Season 5 could have been like if it was made in Japan! We’d get hints about Pink Diamond, Rose Quartz, Pearl, Jasper, Lapis, Peridot, the rest of the Crystal Gems, Stevonnie, and of course Steven. There is so much going on in this show that it is definitely hard to cram into a minute and 30 seconds, but Deepcut did a wonderful job editing this!

Deepcut’s Twitter: https://twitter.com/deepcut5

This is from the anime Tenkai Knights (which actually aired on Cartoon Network a few years back with a vastly inferior opening). I transcribed the translated lyrics of the OP, Get the Glory (which I found on the Tenkai Knights wiki). Sorry if the timings are off, I don’t know Japanese.

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New game!!! «Showcase» | Anime Battle Arena [Paid Beta]

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‪immortal Vegeta‬‏ «Zombie vegeta»
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10 Things u Should not do in T.O.P
Lvl 765 Saiyan and stats «Prestige 5»
New game!!! «Showcase» | Anime Battle Arena [Paid Beta]

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[An Anime Theory] One Punch Man and SAO are in the same UNIVERSE!


This is my first YouTube video, which talks about the possibility that One Punch Man and Sword Art Online are in the same universe.

Special thanks to DuelShockers for the Gun Gale Online : Fatal Bullet gameplay, to watch more subscribe to their channel @https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSUISPQ23cManSW5usutYag

Thanks for watching!

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[An Anime Theory] One Punch Man and SAO are in the same UNIVERSE!


This is my first YouTube video, which talks about the possibility that One Punch Man and Sword Art Online are in the same universe.

Special thanks to DuelShockers for the Gun Gale Online : Fatal Bullet gameplay, to watch more subscribe to their channel @https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSUISPQ23cManSW5usutYag

Thanks for watching!

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Steven Universe: Anime Opening [My Hero Academia]

(rises up from eternally long hiatus) WHATS UP FELLOW TEeNS

Best if viewed side by side with the third opening of My Hero Academia: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l2j1qM7gx54

Let me know if you enjoy this because it was super fun to make and i would love to do more


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Power Girl from DC Universe online : Mini Movie : Anime : DC : DCUO

Power Girl is a Kryptonian from the parallel universe of Earth-2. Having survived the destruction of her universe, Power Girl now operates with the Justice Society of America in upholding the ideals of justice and equality.

A headstrong and determined feminist, Power Girl possesses strength, speed and endurance to match her «cousin» Superman and also works as CEO of her own technology company named Starrware Industries.

Enjoy and Happy Gaming 🙂 — Like — Comment — Subscribe

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Ultra Instinct Goku vs Jiren Anime FIGHT SCENE (SDBH Universe Mission 1)

Super Dragon Ball Heroes Universe Mission #1 Trailer has revealed a fight scene between Jiren vs Ultra Instinct Goku. Toei Animation is releasing more footage soon of Dragon Ball Super Episode 129!

Dragon Ball Super Episode 122 — 127 English Full Episode SPOILERS: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLVxmHrFRlmBjeLL2z5n16HMu-Q6ACq54z

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