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The Best Anime Scene Ever Made

I do not own this video.
This video is owned by the creators.
Please check the comments for the name of the Anime as I can not disclose it in the description.

It’s a joke dipshits.
Why would I upload a generic scene that everyone has likely already watched? This video is a joke and is made purely for comedy. Make your own video if you think it’s the «Best» scene?

Apparently most people aren’t actually smart enough to understand who this description is targeting and continue to light up the comments with some random butthurt shit? I can’t possibly understand how so many people have such a huge gaping man-gina. Thanks to anyone with a sense of humor who appreciates the video for what it is! Hatemail is always welcome when i need a good laugh.

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Аниме клип » Цветом грусти » На конкурс Umi Sonoda

impulse — Цветом грусти

1 Хроники Акаши
2 Яркая Чихая
3 Мастера меча онлайн
4 Чудачество любви не помеха
5 Танец клинка элементалистов

Я очень старалась, надеюсь ты примешь на конкурс! :3
(По мне здесь больше грусти но и романтика есть)

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Weiss Schwarz (Bushiroad Anime Card Game) Mixed Tournament — Sword Art Online vs. Love Live

Weiss Schwarz Mixed Tournament

Sword Art Online vs. Love Live

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