Метка: Transformation

Kareena Kapoor’s amazing transformation (2000-2018)

Right from bubbly girl next door image to hot diva to hottest mommy in b-town, Kareena Kapoor’s transformation is worth a dekko. There was a time when she was badly body-shamed for being chubby but the star managed to shut all the mouths when she sashayed her chiseled figure and now she impressed all with her awesome post-pregnancy transformation. Check out her transformation over the years.

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Vegeta Super Saiyan White Royal Bloodline Transformation — Anime War

Goku has transformed into Super Saiyan White Omni-God with 2 limiter bars. Gohan has the Tri-Force of Power. Trunks has become the future God of Destruction. Vegeta, now the weakest of the Saiyans, drowned by pride, can’t handle this fact. He remembers the time when his father, King Vegeta, spoke of the original Super Saiyan God. Their family is the royal bloodline, the descendants of the Legendary Saiyan God. But if it’s true, why is Vegeta the weakest? With a burst of anger, Vegeta explodes, transforming into Super Saiyan White Royal Bloodline form, with only 1 Omni limiter. He is now the strongest of the Saiyans, taking his place at the top as the elite, and as their prince.

This is a non-profit parody animation and I do not own the rights to Dragon Ball, and do not work for any company affiliated with those characters. Special thanks to Akira Toriyama (Toei Animation), the original creator.

Created and Produced by Mastar
Landscapes and Logos by Shakadiemens with support by Danny Vasquez
Drawing Support — Damon Billiot, Abd Afe, Matt Gering
Auras and Smoke Animations — Radov Anime — https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgp1U1mLhwUhOGp7rPgigsw
United We Stand — Divided We Fall — Two Steps from Hell
Sephiroth Theme — Advent Children — One Winged Angel
Sons of Pythagoras — Elysium Calling
Rumble Head Music- The Day Will Come
Position Music — Raising The Damned
Berserk 2016 Opening Song


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● The Sexiest Anime Characters Cosplay | FairyTail, Naruto And Many More | Musical.ly

● The Sexiest Anime Characters Cosplay | FairyTail, Naruto And Many More | Musical.ly


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PERSONNAGE D’ANIME / MANGA | Anime Doll Makeup Transformation 🌸


N’HÉSITE PAS À T’ABONNER, JE POSTE UNE NOUVELLE VIDÉO CHAQUE LUNDI, MERCREDI ET VENDREDI À 17H ! (je suis rarement à l’heure mais fais semblant d’y croire mdr)

Lentilles : Darknight Black http://ttdeye.com?aff=1136 (-10% avec le code ayo)

Espace commentaire:
Seront supprimés (et les personnes bloquées) tous les commentaires insultants et menaçants, je suis pas ta pote Philippe.
Seront également supprimés les first, like si toi aussi, qui est là avant les 4 vues, RT si toi aussi t’aime les chips poulet braisé, etc…

SKANDR — Night Stories

Milo Mills — Sweeter Than Rice Cake

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GZ: The Ultimate Transformation Set Anime Shading Version (New Animation)

Description — Super Saiyan God 4 and Super Saiyan God 5 is added in this transformation set. You can see the transformations in this video.

Music Credit :
Steve Aoki — Chala Head Chala [XenoVerse 2 Remix] — https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xQ0qaLoPeHw

Download link — Coming Soon

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Top 10 WTF Transformation Scenes in Anime (ft. Todd Haberkorn)

Top 10 WTF Transformation Scenes in Anime (ft. Todd Haberkorn)
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We’re joined by anime dub master Todd Haberkorn for yet another weird video. This time its gonna be the strangest transformations, from magical girls to magical mecha. Expect to see shows like Dragon Ball Super, Henkei Shojo, Is this a zombie?, Arakawa Under The Bridge, Dog Days, Kill la Kill, Mr Osomatsu (Osomatsu-San), Gonna be the twin tails, Mahou Shoujo Ore, Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo, and more appear along the way. Which do you think is the most bizarre moment on this list? did we miss your favourite anime series? let us know in the comments below!

#10. Does This Come in a Men’s Size?
#9. Too Many Muscles
#8. Whatever the Hell Is Going on Here
#7. Leather Club’s Two Blocks Down
#6. A Twintail Obsession
#5. Magical MAN!
#4. Fish Cake House Battle Armor
#3, #2, #1: ???

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Top 10 Dragon Ball Super Moments

Top 10 Dragon Ball Super Moments
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Goku, Gohan, Vegeta, and the crew came back for this amazing anime series — and these are the best fights, Speeches, Quotes and Fusions the show had to offer. From the first Kamehameha to the final Flash, we’ve covered every episode of every arc, including the Tournament of Power, the Universe 6 Tournament, Goku Black, Zamasu, and Future Trunks — Even the remakes of Resurrection F and Battle of Gods. Get ready to perfect your ultra instinct, and let us know what your favourite battles and scenes in the show are in the comments below! Oh yeah…and sorry guys but Gohan Blanco, Ultra instinct Shaggy and El Grande Padre do not apply here.

#10. Universe vs. Anilaza
#9. The Reveal of Goku Black
#8. Master Roshi’s Last Stand
#7. Father and Son
#6. Goku vs. Kefla
#5. Goku vs. Hit
#4. Vegeta’s Pride
#3, #2, #1: ???

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