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Top 10 Psychological Anime

I’ve been anticipating this list for a while! As the psychological genre is among my favorite. There are couple of more anime that deserved a mention. But, they’ll be on another list.

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Top 10 Psychological Anime — Thumbnail from: #8

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Top 5 Anime Series You Should Watch

Top 5 Anime Series You Should Watch! These are my Top 5 anime series showcasing the best anime series! Anime series are far from few, there are hundreds out there, but I just recently started watching them so please let me know which are your favorite! Who knows maybe I’ll be able to do a top 10 after binge watching a few more!

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Top 10 Anime Series

Anime is my favorite kind of Chinese cartoons.
This video is satire/parody, don’t take anything I say seriously.
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