Метка: Thief

My First Anime Expo and the Artist Alley Art Thief

(in order as they appear in the video)
Steven Universe prints: qnq.tumblr.com
Soot Sprite Charm: http://shatteredearth.net/susacorn/
Kiki’s Delivery Service Charm: http://shatteredearth.net/susacorn/
Cat Ice Cream Charm: http://shatteredearth.net/susacorn/
Food Stickers: https://enfu.com/
Food Poster: https://enfu.com/
Schuyler Sisters Work! Print: http://asunnydisposish.tumblr.com/
Your Name Print: https://penelopeloveprints.com/
Sushi Print: http://shatteredearth.net/susacorn/
Star Guardian Lux Print: https://twitter.com/sakimichanart
Daenerys Print: https://twitter.com/sakimichanart
Lux and Jinx Print: https://twitter.com/sakimichanart
Starfire and Raven Print: https://twitter.com/sakimichanart
Star Guardian Lux Folder: Kamuikaoru.com
Star Guardian Lux Keychain: Kamuikaoru.com
Dog Stickers: https://thousandskies.com/
Lulu and Poppy Print: https://twitter.com/ippus?lang=en
Star Guardian Lux Print: https://twitter.com/ippus?lang=en
Giffany Print: https://twitter.com/ippus?lang=en
Undertale Stickers: https://twitter.com/Kalcedonyx
Opal&Peridot&Pearl Stickers: qnq.tumblr.com
Spirited Away charm & SaitamaxGenos & Sakura charms: I unfortunately cannot figure out who made these charms! If anyone has any idea who the artists are behind these particular charms, please let me know!
Pecachu Pin: https://www.instagram.com/mis0happy/
Angry Sailor Moon shirt:
Weaboo Trash Shirt: http://paradoxjelli.tumblr.com/
Pettanko Shirt: https://kyuutees.com/

Id like to apologize for the really crummy quality of some of the photos I took! My camera quality is lame as hell.
Have you ever had any experiences with confronting an art thief? Let me know! I love hearing art theft smackdown stories!

What Im working on next: A slice of life story and a Hamilton animatic!

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[Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet] Ну что, народ? Аниме? #2

С Вами играет: Oyashi (Женя).
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