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20 K-Pop Songs That Could Be Anime Themes — PART 1 of 2

Continuing from my suggested videos list that were submitted by you all. I really liked this video request by Gabriella. The first ones that came to mind instantly were Dreamcatcher and GFRIEND haha. And with the help of my friend, we were able to flesh out a list of 20 for this video. I really allowed for more time to showcase the songs in this video so you can get a true feel of what we thought. Hope you all like it. ^^

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Artists & Live Performances of Songs (and music videos / MV) Include:
DAY6 / 데이식스 — How Can I Say / 어떻게 말해
DAY6 — I Wait / 아 왜
Dreamcatcher / 드림캐쳐 — Chase Me
Dreamcatcher — Fly High / 날아올라
Dreamcatcher — Good Night
FTISLAND / F.T. 아일랜드 — Take Me Now
GFRIEND / 여자친구 — Fingertip
GFRIEND — Navillera / 너 그리고 나
Infinite / 인피니트 — Last Romeo
Infinite — The Chaser / 추격자
Infinite-F — Heartbeat / 가슴이 뛴다
IU / 아이유 — Cruel Fairy Tale / 잔혹동화
Jaejoong / 김재중 / ジェジュン — Maze
KARA / 카라 — Pandora
LEDApple / 레드애플 — Someone Met By Chance / 어쩌다 마주친
M&D — Close UR Mouth / 뭘봐
Sunny Hill / 써니힐 — Grasshopper Song / 베짱이 찬가
VIXX / 빅스 — Fantasy
Younha / 윤하 — Hero
Younha — Run


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This is the second installment of the OLD CARTOONS VS Series! This time its OLD CARTOON THEMES VS ANIME THEMES, WHO DO YOU THINK WILL WIN.

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How Are Anime Opening and Ending Themes Chosen?

in this video we discuss how are anime opening and ending theme songs chosen exactly, what is the vague process of how anime production companies such as toei, funimation, mad house & more decide to create the catchiest songs from our favorite anime such as Naruto, Dragon Ball Super, One Punch Man, Death Note, Hxh , Boku No Hero Academia etc

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Please watch: «5 Things You Didn’t Know About Ultra Instinct (Probably) — Dragon Ball Super»


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AniMedley!: 15 Anime Themes on Ocarina

For my first medley, I bring you a culmination of my most requested Anime themes, and all in one take! What collection of music should I tackle for my next medley? Let me know in the comments!

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Anime Theme Guitar Medley!

A shred guitar medley of anime themes! Get a 30 day FREE trial with CrunchyRoll here! — https://crunchyroll.com/steviet
Produced, mixed and mastered by Carmen Sorge — Camera work by Mama T

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If Kirk Hammett Played Guitar For… — https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PkK-JguD2AU&list=PL1ZQmn_Lr4OAZXzbTQnBcv6Qg-v2-IznH&index=14

Song Written By Negative Comments — https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RlTe_nnewIY&list=PL1ZQmn_Lr4OAZXzbTQnBcv6Qg-v2-IznH&index=24

Major Songs In Minor — https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DzGSRI827IQ&index=18&list=PL1ZQmn_Lr4OAZXzbTQnBcv6Qg-v2-IznH

TV Themes in MINOR — https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SnWUm2XFr8o&list=PL1ZQmn_Lr4OAZXzbTQnBcv6Qg-v2-IznH&index=23

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