Мітки: Sword art online opening 1

Spiderman Anime Opening Sword Art Online! Op1

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Sword Art Online OP1 (Crossing Field) – FULL ENGLISH COVER

Jonathan Young’s full english cover of Crossing Field from Sword Art Online
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Cloudy memories / Of the way it used to be
Search for answers / I can’t see
Looking back in time / All the images they tell me
where I’m going / They guide me

Look to the skies it’s a new day, every day
Feeling so confused / But I know your heart is true
Please trust in me

Flying so high up in the sky / I’m caught up in a dream
My fears they fade away / It’s my reality
And now I know the reason why / I’ve got to make a change
Grow stronger every day / I need you here with me
I’m trapped in the dark / but I’ll never give in
I gotta break free, escape this endless nightmare
I won’t stop

I wanna always be with you / I’ll give you everything I have

Searching in the dark / But I don’t know where you are
Won’t you guide me / I’m falling
Tremble at your touch / And I know I must return back
to reality / It’s calling

Close your eyes and just follow, you’ll know
Pleasure and the pain / Come to haunt me once again
Please trust in me

Everything that we’re dreaming of / You make my life complete
The smell of victory / It’s in the air I breathe
I’ll always be right by your side / I do it all for you
But nothing’s as it seems / I’m floating in a dream
You gotta believe the power we feel
It comes from deep within our hearts a promise
That we’ll keep

Open my eyes I try to speak / I’m calling out your name
God bless the miracle that brought you here to me

(1st chorus)

I wanna always be with you / I wanna hold you tight right now,
I swear I will wipe your tears / I”ll give you everything I have.

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Crossing Field – Sword Art Online OP1 – Fingerstyle Guitar Cover

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This is my cover of the Sword Art Online Opening 1 ‘Crossing Field’!
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