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「Música Anime Sin Copyright」Sword Art Online

Hola amigos de youtube hoy les traigo esta música sin copyright del anime Sword Art Online espero que les guste o les haya gustado.

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Sword Art Online — «Crossing Field» (Opening) | ENGLISH ver | AmaLee

AmaLee’s English cover of «Crossing Field», the opening theme from Sword Art Online!
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Song: Crossing Field (Opening Theme)
Anime: Sword Art Online ( ソードアート・オンライン )
Original: LiSA

⊹Vocals & Lyrics: AmaLee (http://www.youtube.com/leeandlie)
⊹Mix: Daniel Alvarez (http://www.youtube.com/shadowLink4321)


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Crossing Field — Sword Art Online OP1 — Fingerstyle Guitar Cover

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This is my cover of the Sword Art Online Opening 1 ‘Crossing Field’!
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