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Sword Art Online Is By Far One Of The Worst Anime Ever

Sword Art Online Is By Far One Of The Worst Anime Ever
sao is some of the worst trash i have ever laid eyes on how can anyone even watch this bull and still have a life or a girlfriend
i have a least 2 more sword art online videos on the way get ready

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Sword Art Online Anime Review (Revised) – Anime Bugendai

In this review Hyrule goes back and revists one of the anime he has already reviewed, Sword Art Online. Has his opinion changed on the series?



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“Song: Tokyo Ghoul – Unravel (Cover) – PelleK – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SAUNie6r354”

Please watch: “Trigun Manga Review”


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Sword Art Online on Anime CRACK – pure love!

Finally the Sword Art Online on CRACK is finished & here it is. It’s basically funny editing done on the Anime. I simply compiled all the short clips which I’ve been showing you guys for the past few days into 1 video. I’m very sure that especially a new viewer will enjoy this a lot!

Song List:
0:48 Mariah Carey – All I Want For Christmas Is You
1:14 Your Reality But Im Screaming The Lyrics
2:45 The Best Day Ever But Im Screaming The Lyrics

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Outro Music Attribution ►
Track: NIVIRO – The Floor Is Lava [NCS Release]
Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds.
Watch: https://youtu.be/iv7ZJecuu_o
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Sword Art Online on Anime Crack

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0:00 – Ever Felt pt.1 – Otis McDonald

0:05 – Lmfao – I am Sexy and I Know it

0:16 – MC Hammer – U Can’t Touch This

0:25 – Gavin Luke – Glitz At The Ritz

0:35 – Shoe – Egg

0:56 – Evanescence – Bring Me To Life

1:06 – Imagine Dragons – Believer

1:17 – Lil Jon – Bend Ova

1:29 – Linkin park – In the end

1:40 – Ricky Martin – Livin’ la Vida Loca

1:50 – Snoop Dog – Smoke weed evry day

2:01 – Macklemor – Thrift Shop’s

2:12 – Aero Chord – Resistance

2:23 – OMFG – Ok

2:33 – Max Coveri – Running In The 90’s

2:44 – Ofenbach – Be Mine

2:54 – TheFatRat – Monody

3:07 – Apashe x Tha Trickaz – Trap Requiem

3:18 – Imagine Dragons – Warriors

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Sword Art Online IN 5 MINUTEN | Anime in Minuten [German Edition]

►Voller Stolz präsentiere ich euch heute die deutsche Version von Sword Art Online IN 5 MINUTEN | Anime in Minuten [German Edition]! by Burako (Hayvan Entertainment)

Der liebe Youtuber Gigguk hat mir die Erlaubnis gegeben sein Video auf deutsch zu covern, schaut auf jeden Fall bei ihm vorbei!
Hier das Original: http://bit.ly/29b80wV

Dankeschön an alle die mitgemacht haben, es hat sehr viel Spaß gemacht, checkt jeden aus!

Kirito – Meine Wenigkeit
Asuna, Rosalia und Ayano – Miyo Sama (http://bit.ly/2fJlNv4)
Diavel, Klein – sonickickio (http://bit.ly/2gbDUKw)
Sugu, Sachi, Rika – Niggi (http://bit.ly/2gfe3Sb)
Sugou Nobuyuki – SyncYu (http://bit.ly/2gACjes)
Yui – Strawberry CL (http://bit.ly/2gz9TFh)
Kayaba – GameDubsGerman (http://bit.ly/2gAAUnU)
Agil – Spiro (Hayvan Entertainment)
Sugus Freund – Nuri (Hayvan Entertainment)

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●I do not own the rights to any Anime video, image and music used in this video!

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Sword Art Online IN 5 MINUTES | Anime in Minutes

New series I am starting up, it’s kinda like an abridged thing, but with the entire series. It’s called Anime in Minutes. Today I condense the whole of SAO in under 5 minutes.


KaggyVA: Kirito
Sydsnap: Asuna, Sachi, Additional voices
MinaMinaVA: Sugu, Lisbeth, Silica
Gigguk: Heathcliff/Kayaba, Announcer
Kovox: Sugou, Every other male voice

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