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McDonald’s Anime Commercial 1 English Subbed

This anime definitely breaks away from most norms in the anime world. Although the theme can sometime be blurred by all of the action taking place, it is still not completely lost. The art style is a bit tired and lacks some things that other animes have, but it doesn’t take away that much from the overally narrative. In the end, I give McDonald’s Magical GIrl High a 7/10 on my ani-meter.

Original Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5e-zAljAgqs&ab_channel=マクドナルド公式(McDonald’s)

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Anime Similar To : Sword Art Online [HD] [50-Subs]

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1. .Hack//
2. Hunter x Hunter
3. Accel World
4. Mirai Nikki
5. Fate/Zero


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Sword Art Online – Kirito vs. Rosalia [Eng Sub] (HD)

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This scene is from Sword Art Online Season 1 Episode 4

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Steins;Gate Zero – New Anime PV Trailer 2 「English Subtitles」

sht sorry guys typo for Mayuri’s voice actor, she is still being voiced by Kana Hanazawa

my bad forgot to change it T_T

Steins Gate 0, the new anime in the Steins;gate series, released a PV

have some subs : )

just to clarify, the stuff that’s said in the last 20 seconds is the text that comes up on the screen, nothing new in case you were wondering

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Madman Entertainment presents REEL ANIME 2012. Featuring the most cutting-edge, highly-anticipated animated films this side of Tokyo, Reel Anime brings the spectacle of Japanese animation back to the big screen. Limited time only – in cinemas from September 13-26. reelanime.com

Wolf Children:
When Hana falls in love, it feels like a fairy tale. She starts a family and produces two beautiful children — Yuki (Snow), a girl, and Ame (Rain), a boy. But the family harbours a secret — their father is a ‘Wolf-Man’, half human and half wolf, and has passed his affliction on to his children. The family try to reside discreetly in a quiet corner of the city, but their joyful life is shattered when their father passes away. To live peacefully, Hana must make the difficult decision to move Yuki and Ame to a small town and surround them with nature


Website: http://www.reelanime.com
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[TYER] English Sword Art Online II OP1 – “IGNITE” [feat. Angela]

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Anime: Sword Art Online II (ソードアート・オンライン II)
Song: “IGNITE”
Original: Eir Aoi

-Picked by Angela-
Lyrics: Spiral | http://www.youtube.com/user/SimplySpiral
Vocals: Angela | http://www.youtube.com/user/Kamisamaangela
Mixing: Angela
Subs: Spiral

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Sword Art Online Ordinal Scale Trailer with English subtitles anime

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REAL VS. FAKE ANIME SUBTITLES (feat. My Little Sister)

It’s actually way harder than it seems…
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