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Sword Art Online「AMV」- A Good Start ™

► Anime: Sword Art Online / Sword Art Online II
► Song: Fivefold — A Good Start
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Super Mario Bros. Anime Movie Restored (Best Quality!) · English subbed · 『スーパーマリオブラザーズ ピーチ姫救出大作戦!』

This is the definitive restoration of the movie.

* Staff *
Director: Masami Hata
Script: Hideo Takayashiki
Music: Toshiyuki Kimori
Original Character Design: Shigeru Miyamoto
Character Design: Takashi Tezuka
Art Director: Yukio Abe
Animation Director: Maya Matsuyama
Sound Director: Yasuo Uragami
Director of Photography: Kouji Kumagai
Editing: Kenichi Takashima

* Characters & Voice Actors *

Tohru Furuya as Mario
Yuu Mizushima as Luigi
Akiko Wada as Koopa King
Mami Yamase as Princess Peach
Shigeru Chiba as Kibidango (Dumpling Dog)


Credits for the restoration:

magiblot · AviSynth scripter for this version
EverythingSuperMario · provider of the source files (and he made an attempt to restore the movie previously)
Mario · he helped EverythingSuperMario (and messed around a bit).
NintendoWizard22 · provided the source files to EverythingSuperMario.

And our channels:

https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkFZPoAg_PVZuJnLitQS9Ag (EverythingSuperMario)
https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGumOhAYrGV0B2e8io_3bgw (Mario)

Credits for the subtitles:

— English1: m.3.3.w
— English2: EverythingSuperMario
— Spanish: magiblot1
— German: Shiseijuu-Subs
— Portuguese: ieda18

Download subtitles:


Thanks for watching!

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