Метка: SpongeBob Anime opening

Spongebob Anime Opening #1 by Narmak [Switched OP Music]

Animation by Narmak
All credits go to the owners. Video is not monetized, if you see ads those aren’t mine.

Original Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FkL4CjckRZ0&t=3s

Opening song: Fairy Tail opening 16 — Strike Back

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Edit (2/9/2018)

Seems like there are still salty people that I posted this vid of the anime opening and people consider it as a «Reupload» even though I purposely changed the opening music to see how it would fit with the anime opening and this one seemed to fit almost perfectly hence why I wanted to share it with other people and mean no harm to Narmak. If he wants the video down, I’ll take every single one of them down without hesitation. I do appreciate the support you guys show Narmak and like defend him, I understand he has gone through people stealing his vids and re-uploading them without a single edit or crediting him.

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Intro song by Miraie «Tea Time»

Dragon Maid
song: Aozora No Rhapsody

SpongeBob Anime Opening
song: Colors of the Heart

My Hero Academia
song: Sora ni Utaeba

song: Great Days / Stand Proud

song: Tommorow

One Punch Man
song: The Hero

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