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2:04 Evangelion
7:16 Darling in the Franxx
15:26 Megalo Box
16:51 Ping Pong
17:36 A Place Further Than The Universe
20:18 K-On!!
21:02 Hinamatsuri
23:27 Gun Gale Online
25:22 Sword Art Online: Alicization
26:49 Mirai no Mirai
27:16 Steins;Gate 0
39:50 Bakemonogatari
43:58 Clannad

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New game!!! “Showcase” | Anime Battle Arena [Paid Beta]

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New game!!! “Showcase” | Anime Battle Arena [Paid Beta]

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User : TheGrayPlayer#9232

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Note : Crazy “Unique” Videos coming soon ..
Music 2 : https://goo.gl/1y1z5o
this channel will be about testing&showing everything new comes out like (Forms,Moves,Modes,)

To see everything new Coming out Like “SSJB Mastered , Mastered Ultra instinct “MUI” (+ssjr Lssj ).and New things” ,Sub (& Helpful stuff)

4 million zenni
Forms Transforming
Grinding Farming
Max Lvl
7 million zenni
5 million zenni
500k zenni in one day
Lvl 465 max
Santa update
Ultra instinct
Tournament of power
What is the Best Wish! (T.O.P) | Dragon Ball Z Final Stand
Tournament of Power
As fast as possible
Why ssj rose better then ssjbkkx10 ssjb kaioken!
prestige 3
prestige 4
prestige 5
How To Fix Prestige
prestige make you weaker
prestige is unfair or broken
prestige is bad
Lvl 700 VS Prestige 5
Perfect Kaioken Form For Saiyans “Powerful”
How to do Perfect form “Glitch” all races
The Floor is Lava “Extreme”
Solo Jiren without taking any Damage
Destroying Jiren Without taking any Damage “Solo” 1v1
Using 400 beans in Seconds
Prestige forms Suggestion “All races”The First Android Fusion
Mastered Ultra Instinct Form “MUI”
Complete SSJB “Royal Blue”
Android Race is OP “absorb ki and More!”
Saiyan & Android fusion and more
Androids is The Weakest Race!
Android Ultra Instinct Form
Lvl 500 Android Vs Lvl 350 Saiyan
Upgrade Your Android “suggest”
Four Androids VS One Saiyan at Once
What Senzu Beans you Should Buy For T.O.P
Special Prestige Ranks & abilities “Suggest”
Where to put your Points Stats
Prestige 5 and stats
UI Android Fusion vs High Lvl Saiyan
My Power as Prestige 5 Lvl 670
Getting Lvl 700 (Prestige 5 Lvl 700)
Android Prestige 1 and Stats
Lvl 700 Fusion
Npc Pets Packs & Npc Battles (Suggest)
Why I Wont Quit Dragon Ball Z Final Stand
How to Find Players For T.O.P (Discord)
Hitting Every Npc in T.O.P (7k Subscribers Special)
‪immortal Vegeta‬‏ “Zombie vegeta”
Why i dislike android race (Prestige 1 Lvl 600)
Lvl 600 Android & Golden Frieza Fusion VS Lvl 700 Saiyan
Golden Android Fusion VS Lvl 700 Saiyan
10 Things u Should not do in T.O.P
Lvl 765 Saiyan and stats “Prestige 5”
New game!!! “Showcase” | Anime Battle Arena [Paid Beta]

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Top 10 Science Fiction Anime Shows

Whether it be space cowboys or giant mechas, science fiction and anime go hand in hand. Join http://www.watchmojo.com as we count down our picks for the Top 10 Science Fiction Anime Shows. Click here to subscribe: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=watchmojo or visit our channel page here: http://www.youtube.com/watchmojo Also, check out our interactive Suggestion Tool at http://www.WatchMojo.com/suggest 🙂

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Doctor who anime Full

Not Made By me originally found here

The original was taken down by the uploader


ll 13 minutes of the completed fake Doctor Who 80s-style anime. Drawn, animated and partially voiced by myself. Some bits are good, some bits are poor, but on the whole it turned out okay, I think. Enjoy! This is old school Who, so fans of the new reboot show may be confused by the fact that the Doctor is doing martial arts and Cybermen say “excellent.” Watch the classics and you’ll understand. You’ll also become almost instantly more handsome by watching classic Who.
Tags: Doctor Who anime – FINAL, Doctor Who anime – FINAL, Film & Animation, Doctor, Who, anime, Paul, OtaKing, Mightyotaking, Johnson, Japanese, Japan, Daleks, Cybermen, homage, Doc, space, time a, dventure, jikuu, bouken, Dalek, Cyberman, Master, Sutekh, Davros, Brigadier, Jon, Pertwee, Nicholas, Courtney, Roy, Skelton, Terry, Molloy, David, Banks, Phillip Sacramento, Souno, Sachika

Not Made By me originally found here

The original was taken down by the uploader


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