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My Top 100 Best Opening anime Of ALL TIME

Top 100 des opening que je considère à titre personnel comme les meilleurs actuellement .

Bon visionnage et n’hésitez pas à partager votre propre top 10 dans les commentaires 🙂

Lien vers un top 200 qui est excellent

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Complete Vegeta Anime & Manga References Dragon Ball FighterZ

Happy birthday to our beloved top of the mountain screamer

Next is the two Goku Base DRAMATIC scenes and then I can take a break. and roflmao at Gohan, Kafla, Roshi and Jiren.

I guess this video is more like a Remaster of Vegeta. It was a lot faster because of that. Decided to let the text explaining some choices such as the last video.


-M740 Heavy Crisis
-M737 Strong Foe Appears Before Goku
-Dragon Ball Final Bout Vegeta s theme
-Battle Theme The Greatest Tactics In The Universe
-M1109 Slugg Summons Shen Long (Movie 4)
-M1619 Vegeta Vs. Bojack (Movie 9)
-M1310 Piccolo Heads For The Big Ghetti Star (Movie 6)

Btw the heavy gut punch in Base and SSJ is the same animation but since they were different combos why not split.

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Insane Anime Training Motivation

This video contains some of the most known and extreme training moments in Anime. Motivate yourself with the crazy workout routines of Hanma Baki, Makunouchi Ippo and Son Goku.


Track: Electric Universe — Gratified

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YOSHA!! ALL Vegetto BLUE Anime & Manga References

This time I took my… time editing this and making sure it was as awesome as Vegetto himself. I’m actually proud for a change.
Vegetto is awesome. So is Zamasu, gonna get on him right away.

SSJ3 from DBZ Kai OST
Final Match Dragon Ball Super OST Vol 2

Videos used:

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ALL BROLY Anime References Dragon Ball FighterZ

And the DLC is out so I’m able to record my own stuff preventing loss of quality.

The previous Broly video will go Unlisted

However that wasn’t entirely the case as I was struggling with some mistake that happened inbetween the editing. Which the only way to fix would be to redo the video all over but I’m lazy enough.
So I apologize in advance for any inconvenience that may occur during viewing. After all Broly is too big and he shook the pictuers I took to reference him.


Life and Death Battle Supervillain Broly Theme Xenoverse 2 OST

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Broly TRAILER Anime References Dragon Ball FighterZ


This was fast because I have a long history of following JPN Broly’s $hitposting. And Movie 8 from my perspective is the most meme’d movie ever.

Burori Densetsu no Supah Saiyajin


Oh yeah I’ve a twitter and keep forgeting to put the link in the description:

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Tailed Beast Ability in naruto anime series

its all about tail beast ability from shukaku 1tail beast to kurama 9 tail beast you might be unaware of…watch full video to know it better!
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All the related anime images are gathered from anime and online !

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Anime Duel: Goku Vs Saitama

This one’s gonna be a slobberknocker. Welcome to Watchmojo’s Anime Duel series, where we pit out some of the strongest characters in anime history and weigh out their odds in battle. For today’s fight we’re focusing on two of the most biggest powerhouses in the industry – Dragon Ball’s Goku and One Punch Man’s Saitama.
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