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8 Anime Like Attack on Titan

Please watch: “Top 10 Most Unforgettable Anime”


Top 8 anime like the attack on titan:
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Americans Watch Anime For The First Time

What did they think of Attack On Titan and Kill La Kill?

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Sound Conspiracy
Licensed via Warner Chappell Production Music Inc.

Film Footage courtesy of Shutterstock, Inc.
Used with Permission


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0:20 Konosuba
1:05 4:21 6:59 12:03 Atack on Titan
2:06 Eromanga sensei
4:05 5:31 Naruto
4:35 Kimi no na wa
4:51 Mayo chiki
5:02 Fairy Tail
7:04 Death note
7:29 Tsugumomo
8:04 One Punch Man
7:35 Nichijou
11:00 Netoge no Yome
13:12 Tokyo Ghoul
13:26 Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon
15:33 Gabriel Dropout
17:00 Blend S
18:00 Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryokou

0:00 Hagen Wolfhowl
0:40 TheDracerGx
1:17 9:31 Escardi Fandubs
2:27 Yunaiker
4:21 Adrian Sparkle
5:31 IluTV
6:59 13:12 DEFI BRILATOR
7:52 14:53 Adrian Sparkle
11:27 RubiusOMG
16:06 8cho
18:38 vete ala versh

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Two guys fighting to death over the last pizza slice.
(from Attack of Titan and Death Note to Pokemon and Naruto, here’s a tribute to the Anime style 🙂
Watch Behind The Scenes – https://youtu.be/CBB_Ytkxzzg


Created by Or Paz and Tom Trager
Producer: Adi Morag
Camera: Elad Segoli
Lighting: David Reinlib
Make Up: Shachar Amit
VFX, Editing and Sound Design: Or Paz
Graphics: Tom Trager
Music: Erez Aviram
Sound Mix and Recordings: Yaniv Paz
Grip: Gal Ella Kaldess
Anime Girl: Sharon Sharky Cohen
Shot at “Teenk Space”, Tel Aviv
Music at the beginning by Alon Tamir (https://youtu.be/2te1f4nyghc)

Produced for Comedy Central

Special “You’re Awesome” Non-Individual Thanks:
Comedy Central IL, Ohad Ashkenazi, Teenk, Karin Aldea, Eviatar Nagar, Noa Mika Baruch, Eyal Amir, Alon Meiri, Elad Weissman, Naomi Rosin, Ori Yossef, Shachar Soikis, Orko, Anna Taub, Reut Levi, Erez Tal, Yair Even-Haim, Daya Kedem, Lee Ballan, Oded Faran.

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Attack on Titan Episode 03 English Dub NEW HD anime online

Since ancient times, humanity conducts its struggle against the Giants. The Giants are huge creatures, the size of a multi-storey building, which have no great intellect, but their strength is just terrible. They eat people and get pleasure from it. After a long battle the remnants of humanity have created a wall of people surrounded by countries through which will not pass even the Giants. Since then, it took a hundred years. Mankind lives in peace under the protection of the walls. But one day the boy Eren and his foster sister Mikasa witness the terrible events – the section of the wall was destroyed by a super-giant that appears out of thin air. The Giants attacked the city and two children in horror seeing how one of the monsters alive their mother eats. Brother and sister survive, and Ehren swears he will kill all the giants and take revenge for all mankind!

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