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[AMV] Sword Art Online — Other Side of the Screen

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►Video Information
— Sword Art Online
— Sword Art Online II

Song: Other Side of the Screen by Emily Scholz
Requestor: Awkward Bitch

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REDDIT’S ANIME MEMES (Messing with my Green Screen Edition)

I may have had too much fun with my green screen.

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HAMLET | William Shakespeare’s play screen adaptation | Alexander Fodor | Full Drama Movie | English

Set in a surrealistic, nightmarish, Kafkaesque no man’s land, this version of the famous Shakespeare play centres on the ghostly, supernatural aspects of the play. The text is the original Shakepearean, but the characters’ personalities are changed, so for example, Polonius (originally a doddering old man) becomes Polonia a scheming femme fatale, who is plotting to get her younger sister Ophelia (who she controls through the use of addictive drugs) married into the royal family. It’s dramatically shot, and is not so much a modern version (there are no references or images of the modern world at all) as a lateral concept.
William Belchambers — Hamlet
Max Davis — Osric
Alexander Fodor — The Priest
James Frail — The Ghost
Alan Hanson -Claudius
Keaton Makki — Marchellus
Thomas Matthews — Bernardo

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