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SAO, But the Writing Isn’t Garbage — SAO Alternative: GGO

It’s amazing the difference a decent writer can make. Let’s look at how Keiichi Sigsawa improves on Reki Kawahara’s work in every way, without sacrificing the core theme of Sword Art Online.
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Anime I F*cking Hate — Sword Art Online 2 (Part 2: The Calibur & Mother’s Rosario Arcs)

DX’s review of Sword Art Online 2’s Calibur and Mother’s Rosario arcs. Kirito and gang are back with the most interesting themes we’ve seen in the series yet. Sadly, this is where SAO and DX part ways for a while. Tune in to find out why.

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Anime I F*cking Hate — Sword Art Online 2 (Part 1: The Phantom Bullet Arc)

DX’s review of the horrible Gun Gale Online/Phantom Bullet Arc of Sword Art Online 2 (SAO 2), where Kirito faces off against «Death Gun» with his new partner in crime, Sinon.

Special thanks to Kyo for reactions and discussion.

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Anime I F*cking Hate — Sword Art Online (Part 2: The Fairy Dance Arc)

It’s time to talk about Sword Art Online again.

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Anime I F*cking Hate — Sword Art Online (Part 1: The Aincrad Arc)

DXFan619’s review of Sword Art Online is finally here! In this video he tackles the first 13 episodes, also known as the Aincrad Arc of the story.

Special thanks to Kyo! He provided great insight into SAO and this video wouldn’t be the same without him.

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DXFan619 Plays — FEAR 2: Project Origin

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