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Anime Smack: The one minute TRUTH BOMB – Sword Art Online: Gun Gale Online Alternative

I may be a goober, but I’m a goober of truth.

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End song: New Happy Day – fennecbeats

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A Spring Wedding! | Anime FMK Spring 2018 Anime Season 7/4/2018

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Comic Girls – 1:41
Wotakoi – 4:39
Space Battleship Tiramisu – 14:36
Gegege No Kitaro – 21:41
Lupin III Part V – 25:01
Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online – 28:54
Hinamatsuri – 35:05
Yotsuiro Biyori – 45:35
Aggretsuko – 49:08
Hisone To Masotan – 54:25
Legend of the Galactic Heroes: Die Neue These – 1:00:36
Golden Kamuy – 1:15:08
Megalo Box – 1:21:59

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Anime Kena Crack Indonesia bagian 21 : Mantan Punya Pacar Baru

Gak lama lagi mau UAS jadi mau cepet cepet buat ginian
Sementara libur bisa cepat kelarin selanjutnya

Langsung Ke List:

Pengantar: Hinako Note
SAO Alt: GGO – Ngepush Rank Bonus Tujuh EM ?
SAO Alt: GGO – Dyland Pros
SAO II (Season 2) – Bentar Lagi Jadi Gamers Ganteng Idaman
Eromanga Sensei – Pentolan E*** (you know lah)
SAO (Season 1) – Bukan Diamond Mobile Legends
Gekkan Shoujo: Nozaki-kun

Wut Anime:
0:13 Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online
1:11 Charlotte
1:46 K-On!! (Season 2)
2:09 Shingeki no Kyojin/Attack on Titan (Season 2)
2:29 Gochuumon wa Usagi desu ka? (Season 1)
2:53 Chuunibyou Demo Koi Ga Shitai
3:09 Koe no Katachi
3:28 Love Live Movie
3:47 Yuru Camp
4:07 Kono Bijutsubu nii Mondai ga Aru
4:13 Kiniro Mosaic (Season 1)
5:01 Blend S
5:22 Love Live Sunshine (Season 2)
5:41 Eromanga Sensei
6:12 Danshi Kokousei no Nichijou

Gekkan Shoujo: Nozaki-kun
Yuru Camp

End Cards Song: Gekidan Hitotose – A-E-I-U-E-O-AO!! (Opening Hinako Note)

Video ini hanya untuk menghibur semata bukan untuk menyinggung pihak manapun
Dikarenakan proses pengeditan kali ini harus pilih-pilih untuk berjaga-jaga agar tidak mengalami hal yang tidak diinginkan

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Conheça a nova série de SAO: Sword Art Online Alternative – Gun Gale Online. O anime conta a história de LLENN, que vive no mesmo universo de Kirito e Asuna e é uma grande jogadora de GGO! Saiba todos os detalhes!


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Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online | Primeiras Impressões do Anime

Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online é a adaptação em anime da light novel spin off de mesmo nome que segue Kohiruimaki Karen ou LLENN no Squad Jam.
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Parceiros Foda do Canal:


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Fortnite the Anime…almost

Fortnite or battle royale games are growing into gaming giants in 2018 and how could SAO ever predict that 2018 would be THE YEAR to release a battle royale anime? Sword Art Online Alternative Gun Gale Online is coming out April 8th and it’s about time we get ourselves a Fortnite anime that nobody knew they wanted. Centered around team battle royale, SAO Alternative GGO is going to be about Karen or LLENN as she signs up for a tournament in the virtual mmorpg world that is Gun Gale Online. Set after the events of SAO 2, written by NOT the author of SAO, we have ourselves one of the best SAO stories somehow and ready for your enjoyment before SAO season 3 comes later this year.

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5 Hypest Upcoming Spring 2018 Anime

The 2018 Spring anime season is almost here so let’s take a look at 5 of the most hyped anime for this upcoming season and which anime you should definitely check out or avoid. We have heavy hitters like My Hero Academia and Shokugeki coming back for their next seasons. We have the much anticipated Steins Gate 0 story that takes the original Steins Gate story to the next level. We have an alternative story to sword art online and an entirely new anime to the much acclaimed Golden Kamuy. This season is really packed with really promising shows that you definitely don’t want to miss out on.

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Sword Art Online Anime REBOOT!😲 WHY NOT POSSIBLE?!🤔 SAO Season 3 Anime News📋

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Sword Art Online Anime REBOOT! WHY NOT POSSIBLE? SAO Season 3 Anime News

Sword Art Online Anime REBOOT! Coming for SAO Season 3? Foxen talks about WHY it’s Not Possible – Subscribe! 5+ Anime Attack on Titan videos Weekly & Anime News 😄
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New Sword Art Online season 3 confirmed for 2018!
The new SAO series got announced at Dengeki Bunko Autumn Festival 2017!
Kirito and Asuna tackle the new Virtual MMO Rath in Sword Art Online Season 3. Project Alicization will test the boundary of VR

SAO Season 3 2018 CONFIRMED trailer:

Official Sword art online Alicization Arc Website:

Eugeo and Alice Voice actors have been Confirmed:
Alice – Ai Kayano (KonoSuba Darkness)
Eugeo – Nobunaga Shimazaki
Kirito: Yoshitsugu Matsuoka
Asuna: Haruka Tomatsu

Sword art online Alicization Arc Synopsis:
“Sword Art Online – Alicization -” Introduction
– Kirito asks – “Where is here?”
– Notice, Kirito had fully dived into the virtual world that had a magnificent fantasy atmosphere for some reason.
– His memory before logging in ws blurry, He began wandering around for clues
– When Kirito arrived at the giant black trees called Gigas Cidder, he meets a boy.
– The boy says – “My name is Eugeo, nice to meet you Kirito!”
– Despite being a NPC inhabited of this world, Kirito felt this boy had similar emotions from him as person being.
– While Kirito searched for a way to logout of this world, his friendship deepened with Eugeo.
– A certain memory came to his mind.
– It was a memory of him in his early childhood running with Eugeo in Noyama
– This is a memory that should not exist . . .
– In this memory was also a girl with Eugeo that had gold hair.
– The name is Alice.
– It’s an important name that should never be forgotten.

New Sword Art online GGO spinoff confirmed too! – No Release Date
Sword Art online GGO Alternative Trailer:

Guests included Matsuoka (Kirito’s VA), Tomatsu (Asuna’s VA), Hidaka (Silica’s VA and MC of the stage), Miki (editor), Kawahara (author), and Futami (game producer).

A Sword Art Online Live Action TV Series was announced in 2016 August.
This SAO Live action project recently got an update with writers and executive producers with Patrick Massett and John Zinman.

Sword Art Online Season 3 characters Alice & Eugeo were previously revealed in an SAO announcement trailer

SAO S3 will cover the Alicization arc with Alice and Eugeo.

Sword Art Online Ordinal Scale Movie came out on BluRay Release on September 27th (English Subtitles included)

Watch Foxen Sword Art Online Ordinal Scale Movie Review [Non-Spoiler]

Watch Sword Art Online Ordinal Scale Movie After Credit Scene

Sword Art Online Movie Info:

Sword Art Online Ordinal Scale aka The SAO Movie has been released worldwide!!

The Sword Art Online Ordinal Scale Movie was announced a while back in 2016! A1 Studio has been hard as work with this new SAO Movie Project.

Sword Art Online Ordinal Scale has Kirito, Asuna, Sinon and the rest of the SAO cast playing the Augmented Reality (AR) game Ordinal Scale.

Similar to the AR hit Pokemon GO, Ordinal Scale players use the Augma headset device to become emerged into the AR environment

The new SAO Ordinal Scale cast includes:
Yuna – The Ordinal Scale Diva
Eiji – Ordinal Scale Rank 2 Player
Dr Shigemura – Creator of the Augma device

Kirito And Asuna take the front stage for this Sword Art Online Movie!
Ordinal Scale builds on Asuna and Kirito’s relationship and takes place after the Mother Rosario’s Arc.

Sword Art Online Movie Ordinal Scale was released on February 18th in Japan
The Sword Art Online Movie Ordinal Scale is also getting a nationwide USA release on March 9th!
Sword Art Online Movie Ordinal Scale ticket info:

Sword Art Online Movie Ordinal Scale does include a post credit scene confirming Sword Art Online Season 3!!
The Sword Art Online Season 3 will see the SAO Alicization Arc fully animated 😄
Are you ready for SAO Season 3?

Sword Art Online Movie Ordinal Scale debuts LiSA’s new song Catch the Moment.
Catch the Moment plays at the end of SAO Ordinal Scale!
LiSA even shared the post concert pic shown in video on her twitter!


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