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Naruto Sad Soundtrack Collection [Anime/Movies] — T.A.M

0:00:14 Afterglow [Movies]
0:02:55 Rain from a Cloudless Sky [Movies]
0:05:14 Hinata hyuga’s theme song [Anime]
0:08:27 Colorfull Mist [Anime]
0:10:40 Hokage Funeral Theme [Anime]
0:15:25 Kimimaro’s theme [Anime]
0:19:09 Despair [Anime]
0:21:10 Nightfall [Anime]
0:22:51 Sadness and Sorrow [Anime]
0:25:54 Haku’s Theme [Anime]
0:27:17 Comet [Movies]
0:29:26 Rikudou and Bijuu theme [Anime]
0:32:48 Oh!Student and Teacher’s affection [Anime]
0:36:03 The Day [Movies]
0:38:17 Autumn Light Chrysanthemum [Movies]
0:39:58 Determination [Movies]
0:41:56 Haku’s Theme 2 [Anime]
0:43:27 Response of Souls Song [Movies]
0:44:48 White Night [Movies]
0:46:18 Sasuke’s theme IMPROVED [Anime]
0:48:15 Senya [Anime]
0:50:21 Light of a Firefly [Movies]
0:53:06 Scene of a Disaster [Anime]
0:55:07 Way Of The Ninja_Jiraiya`s Death [Anime]
0:59:11 shirohae [Anime]
1:01:58 Experienced Many Battles [Anime]
1:03:50 Shirohae ost 2 [Anime]
1:06:34 The Guts To Never Give Up [Anime]
1:10:34 Tragic [Anime]
1:13:04 Maisou [Anime]
1:18:24 Grief and sorrow [Anime]
1:21:19 Loneliness [Anime]
1:23:25 Sadness and Sorrow Piano Tutorial [‘-‘]
1:25:20 Man of the World [Anime]
1:28:16 Companions [Anime]
1:30:16 Fate [Movies]
1:31:27 Evening Primrose [Movies]
1:32:22 Guren [Anime]
1:36:15 Samidare [Anime]
1:39:43 Loneliness [Anime]
1:41:45 Swaying Necklace [Anime]
1:43:43 Hurricane Suite [Anime]
1:44:30 Moonlight Talk [Movies]
1:46:33 Guidepost [Movies]
1:47:51 Dash [Movies]
1:48:59 Kushina Uzumaki Theme [Anime]
1:52:40 Setting Sun [Anime]
1:54:36 Shirotsumekusa [Anime]
1:56:33 IMPROVED [Anime]
1:59:37 Sacred Fire [Movies]
2:00:31 Ochihabune [Anime]
2:02:41 Rainy Day [Movies]
2:04:43 No Home [Movies]
2:07:24 Storm [Movies]
2:08:17 Yamagasumi [Anime]
2:10:50 Bonds [Movies]
2:12:02 A Lifetime Promise [Anime]
2:14:28 Danzo`s theme [Anime]

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Sad Anime Music Feeling — 1 Hour Sword Art Online OST Mix — piano music

Sad Anime Music Feeling — 1 Hour Sword Art Online OST Mix — piano music
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This Game — No Game No Life OP [piano]


I’m going on tour with Theishter in October! We’ll be playing on TWO pianos in SIX cities in Australia and New Zealand. We will play solos, duets and all the classics from anime such as Attack on Titan, Studio Ghibli, Tokyo Ghoul and more. Don’t miss out on the experience of a lifetime. More tickets and info: http://anz.animenz.jp/ .


This is probably the most anticipated piano covers of this anime season, because countless people have requested a piano cover of this song. Now, the time has finally come! Here’s my piano cover of the full version of «This Game» — the opening song to No Game No Life!

Initially I didn’t want to upload a piano cover, because there are countless piano covers on youtube already
(I guess I am really late into the «game», but better too late than never…)
But I realized that none of them has made a proper piano cover of the FULL version of this song (which was released on 21th may, 2014)

So in the end, I decided to make a piano cover after all, but a full version!

A few words about the transcription itself:
This piano cover are among my top 10 most difficult pieces I’ve ever written, because of the very fast speed and numerous two-hand arppegios.
My left hand got extremely tired after I practised this piece for 4 hours straight yesterday, prior to recording.

But I personally had a lot of fun playing this piece, because it has a very intense atmosphere: it’s like you are playing a rock-concert on the piano, especially the intermission part in 3:17.
I omitted the repeat of the chorus at the end, because I thought it was a bit redundant. Instead, I added the «intro-part» at the end to give it a proper closure.

Btw, a few days ago, I released a TV-size piano sheet for this song as well, you can also download it on sheet host, it’s only 1:50 minutes long, essentially an abridged version of the full version sheet.

Download it here:

Alright, this is my final piano cover upload for this spring anime season, I’ll see you in the next anime season again!

PS: You lost the game.

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

Download the sheet and the midi file here:

My facebook page:

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— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

Piano arrangement by Animenz

Original Song: This Game
Anime: No Game No Life
Published by: Media Factory 2014
Composed by: Mitsuru Wakabayashi
Performed by: Konomi Suzuki

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1:46 — Nanatsu no Taizai
1:56 — Naruto Shippuden
Musica — Young Scooter feat. Trinidad James — I Cant Wait
3:11 — Tokyo Ghoul
3:22 — One Punch man


Assistir mais Zueira Anime no canal 👇

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5 Anime Dengan Ending Yang Menyedihkan — SAD ENDING — Part 03

Para penonton pasti ingin anime yang ditontonnya berakhir bahagia. Sayangnya, para pencipta anime itu sendiri tak berpikir serupa. Beberapa dari mereka justru menciptakan sebuah ending yang tak terduga bahkan tragis.

Video Description:

1. Zetsuen No Tempest — Fall 2012
► Action, Mystery, Psychological, Drama, Magic, Fantasy, Shounen

2. Hotaru No Haka — Movie 1988
► Drama, Historical

3. Little Busters Refrain — Fall 2013
► Comedy, Drama, Romance, School, Slice of Life, Supernatural

4. Nagi No Asukara — Fall 2013
► Drama, Fantasy, Romance

5. Isshuukan Friends — Spring 2014
► Slice of Life, Comedy, School, Shounen

Background Musik ► NEXT TO YOU — Ken Arai
Opening Musik ► Brand-new World [Gakusen Toshi Asterisk]
Ending Music ► Fighter [KANA-BOON]

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XXXTENTACION – Look At Me! (anime style)

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