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107 Naruto Anime Facts YOU Should Know! — (107 Anime Facts S1 E4) — Cartoon Hangover

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It’s one of the longest running anime/manga ever, and Cartoon Hangover has 107 anime facts you just gotta know about a certain over-hyper ninja with an orange jumpsuit named «Naruto»! The series follows the young ninja in his adventures as he strives to become the «Hokage» (the most powerful ninja in his village) with the help of his friends. And having such an extensive history, there’s so many secrets and facts to share about one of the most popular anime of all time! So make sure you have your shurikens nearby because Cartoon Hangover has 107 anime facts you should know about «Naruto»!

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Aqua Being Aqua | Funniest Anime Moments From KonoSuba S1 & S2 | この素晴らしい世界に祝福を!
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