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19-Year-Old Kid Creates Badass Fighting Anime

http://news.nicovideo.jp/watch/nw1402141 this isn’t our content but we are helping to show this 19 year old from china what he has done all by himself. shoutouts to him!

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RPG Estilo Anime [AstrA Online] Trailer de Lanzamiento

Astra Online es el nuevo MMORPG de fantasía estilo anime de la compañia x-legend Corea y que ha sido desarrollado por los mismos creadores de Aura kingdom. El juego sera lanzado en Corea este mes de octubre.

Sitio Oficial:

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Aura Kingdom/Fantasy Frontier Online Anime Trailer???

Yeah.. I out about this yesterday, I think the next trailer is coming out July 18th or that’s the start of the actually anime. Gonna be honest I did not think this would get a anime I knew it was a fun game and all but wow, hey look main character Duelist/Gunslinger who looks like Kirito LOL


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