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Аниме клип — Нет терпения

Всем Привет!
А вот и новое видео!
Приятного Просмотра!
А ещё Спасибо За 10500 подписчиков.
Я очень Рада что подписываетесь на меня!
Буду Стараться Вас и дальше радовать клипами!
На этот раз у меня клип-заказ от канала star Drimur
Надеюсь он тебе Нравиться))
И прости за долгое ожидание заказа!!
Подписывайтесь: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_FvvYR9kCvH3t4dK-zySsg
Аниме: Хвост Феи, Бездомный Бог, Класс Убийц
Персонажи: Нацу, Люси, Грей, Эрза(Эльза), Карма, Нагиса, Каяно, Рио, Ято, Хиери, Юкине, Бишамон
Музыка: Neaдекvat — Нет терпения
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Rio Rainbow Gate Episode 7 English Dubbed Watch cartoons online Watch anime online English dub anim

«Antoraion» (アントライオン) February 15, 2011[9]
Only two hours after the battle against Jack, Howard reveals another Gate Battle will take place against a woman named Queen despite Rio being exhausted from the last battle. The battle sees Rio and Queen flying up a wind tunnel while shooting targets. Meanwhile, the others learn that Cartia had hacked the Sky Resort’s computers, preventing them from landing, with Jack revealing Cartia won’t release it until Rio loses. Queen attempts to cheat to get an advantage over Rio, but another incident involving Linda’s head falling off again turns it around for Rio. With Rio physically exhausted from her battle, Rina looks after her and takes her to a bathhouse, where Rio feels someone is watching her. Afterwards, Rina is taken hostage while Rio is locked in the hologram room, facing against dangerous physical holograms which cause her to faint. Rio barely has time to recover from this before Cartia arranges yet another Gate Battle against a man named King with Rina held captive.

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