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Аниме игры | лучшие анимешные MMORPG

Играть бесплатно в «Ar:piel Online» https://goo.gl/tA2XFW

Вы любите аниме? Если да, то данная подборка игр должна вас заинтересовать. Ведь, в этот раз, мы подобрали лучшие многопользовательские игры, выполненные в аниме стилистике.

Список игр из видео:

1) Soul Worker
2) Tiara Concerto
3) Ar:piel Online
4) Rusty Hearts
5) Tree of Savior
6) Aura Kingdom
7) Onigiri
8) Twin Saga
9) Dragomon Hunter
10) Tales of Zestiria

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Categories: Аниме

Sword Art Online Hollow Realization Gameplay Trailer PS4 / PS Vita — Anime Games 2016

Today, Bandai Namco has confirmed that ‘Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization’ will be heading to PS4 and Vita in the US and Europe in 2016.The game is a sequel to this year’s ‘Sword Art Online: Lost Song’, but sees a return to the MMO-style gameplay of ‘Hollow Fragment’.

The game sees players entering a new VRMMO not yet seen in the franchise called ‘Sword Art: Origin’, and whereas ‘Hollow Fragment’ only allowed parties of yourself and one other character, ‘Hollow Realization’ now allows for four characters in a party. The combat, while still keeping the MMO aspects of ‘HF’, also now allows for more direct control over your character. getting rid of the auto attack system seen in that game.

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