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Winter 2018 Anime You Should Watch

In this video, I examine the best anime of the Winter 2018 season. While everyone looks ahead to the much-hyped Spring, I look back at what was a terrific season of anime. With a bevy of comfy, warm shows to choose from, winter appealed so perfectly to me I couldn’t help but cover EVERY series I followed—all twelve of them. Here they are, the Winter 2018 anime you should watch! Enjoy!

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Is YOUR Daughter a Magical Girl?! — Public Service Anime

Is your precious Daughteru Consorting with… THE DEVIL? Find out how to spot the signs, and what you can do, today! Sponsored and approved by the Anime Pope.
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anime dance stamp on the ground


the song is: stamp on the ground, this version by nightcore
the original song is by italo brothers, just not this version
i saw some confusion about that in the comments
and just wanted to clear that up

anime/ games used»

( IF ANY ONE KNOWS the ones i didn’t mention pleas tell me so i may add it in)

Pretty Cure (the girls walking / jumping in at the begining)
Gurren Lagann .. ( yoko the girl with red hair ) http://youtu.be/uaU4kCReWck
kannagi ( 0:29 chick with blue hair that shows up through the video)
K-ON ( the girls with guitars and a keyboard at 0:30)
, naruto, ( the girls around 0:20)
rosario+ vampire, ( the girl with long pink hair at 0:47 and other parts)
Bakemonogatari ( white hair fox? girl at 1:27)
bleach, (at 0:27 grimjow the guy with blue hair and the girls at 1:50)
yogurting, ( brown hair girl at 1:17, its a video game)
melancholy of haruhi suzuimya, ( the girl with brown hair 0:52)
gravitation, ( the boy with pink hair who sings offten in the video)
lucky star ( the girls at 2:11)
shugo chara ( 2:43 the girl in pink)
kannon( 2:48 the two boys dancing )
Tenjho Tenge ( the random danceing chick with long brown hair 2:41)

and various gif images found by searching dancing anime at glitter- graffics . com

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