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If Ready Player One had an Anime Opening — ft. Sword Art Online

A re-imagining of a Ready Player One anime with an intro based on Sword Art Online. I intentionally left out the credit texts in Japanese as I wanted to focus on honing my editing capability. Once I feel that I have gotten the grasp of an anime-themed opening my future anime-intro videos would include the credit texts in Japanese.

The song is Innocence by Eir Aoi

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Becoming The STRONGEST Player In The GAME! (Roblox Anime Simulator)

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TITLE: «This DESTROYS Enemies in ONE PUNCH! (Roblox Anime Tycoon Simulator)»

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Casual Ningen Plays An Anime ~ Naruto: UNS4 Online Player Matches #1

So this is different from what I usually upload but long story short I got DS3, legato had a seizure while I was trying to record, lost alot of content, DS3 kinda sucks balls also, so I just sat down and played some mutha truckin Naruto and recorded some matches I enjoyed. Im gonna get around to editing these with more detail and shiz like putting sound effects and whatnot BUT IM RAMBLING so just enjoy the video please I feed off your happiness like a clingy tsundere waifu hahahahahaha F%&KIN KILL ME PLZ :’) im a filthy casual at this game so if u want some hardcore shiz GO WATCH AFROSENJU!! XD RAWR HEART EMOJI wtf am I saying fr man kill me this s&#t is unacceptabur.
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Was this description to long or do yall like that shiz who am I talking to I get like 23 views a month, scratch that per video, UGHHH FEED ME GOD PLZ SPRAY SOME HOLY JUICE DIS WAY

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Anime’s Like The Movie — Ready Player One

This video shows you anime’s with Virtual reality that are similar to «Ready player One». Gaming anime’s are becoming one of my favorite genres so i decided to make a video about some of them.
Hope You like it!
]I will probably do a more in depth review on all these anime’s individually at some point.

You can watch here!
1.hack sign

2. Log Horizon

3. Overlord

4.Sword Art Online

5. Accel World

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Minecraft Sword Art Online Roleplay Ep 6 — «Player Killer» (Minecraft Anime Roleplay)

Minecraft Sword Art Online Roleplay Ep 6 — «Player Killer» (Minecraft Anime Roleplay)

Minecraft Sword Art Online is a Minecraft Roleplay based off the Tv Show Sword Art Online. This Minecraft Roleplay Adventure does not follow the original story line of the show.


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❋Anime like Sword Art Online

Next AMV i make with anime Sword Art Online and mix music NightCore , Hope you like it .Enjoy:) If you like , Click Like and Subscribe. Thank 😀 Link MP3 : ———————.

enjoy and some like anime name in video yaya cosplay

Hope you like it . If you like — Click Like and Subscribe. Thank 🙂 Yeah!~ Now i can re-up my first AMV .This’s love story about Risa and her secret love .Risa is a minor character but her.

Max volume and enjoy the feeling ~~ Hope you like it . If you like — Click Like and Subscribe. Thank 🙂 ——————— »» Information: ✩ Editor:Lorillei and Fobos ✩ BGM:The.

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