Метка: Perfect Cell

Epic Rap Battles of Anime: Perfect Cell Vs Frieza

Epic Rap battles was a legendary series, heres my tribute to them in ANIME STYLE! This was my first time voicing Imperfect cell in a video on the channel. Let me know what you guys think! All voices in the video are done by me!

This video was also a remake of one of my first uploads on this channel so props to whoever can spot that and has been with me that long

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Complete Vegeta Anime & Manga References Dragon Ball FighterZ

Happy birthday to our beloved top of the mountain screamer

Next is the two Goku Base DRAMATIC scenes and then I can take a break. and roflmao at Gohan, Kafla, Roshi and Jiren.

I guess this video is more like a Remaster of Vegeta. It was a lot faster because of that. Decided to let the text explaining some choices such as the last video.


-M740 Heavy Crisis
-M737 Strong Foe Appears Before Goku
-Dragon Ball Final Bout Vegeta s theme
-Battle Theme The Greatest Tactics In The Universe
-M1109 Slugg Summons Shen Long (Movie 4)
-M1619 Vegeta Vs. Bojack (Movie 9)
-M1310 Piccolo Heads For The Big Ghetti Star (Movie 6)

Btw the heavy gut punch in Base and SSJ is the same animation but since they were different combos why not split.

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