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Találd ki az Animét az Emoji alapján! | ANIME JÁTÉK #2

Ismersz minden animét? Ki tudod találni az emoji alapján, hogy melyikről lehet szó? Mindjárt ki is derül a videóból 😀 Könnyed kis tartalom időhiány miatt, de kellemes kis szórakozás szerintem. Ha tetszett nyomj egy lájkot 🙂 Várom az eredményeket kommentben 🙂

1. Kuroshitsuji
2. Sailor Moon
3. Death Note
4. Inuyasha
5. Another
6. Trinity Blood
7. Cowboy Bebop
8. Soul Eater
9. Tokyo Ghoul
10. Steins;Gate
11. Kakegurui
12. Mirai Nikki
13. Yuri on ice
14. Death Parade
15. Orange
16. Free!
17. 91 Days
18. Yuru Camp
19. Elfen Lied
20. Nodame Cantabile

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Orange Anime Review

A letter from the future warns BCG to tread carefully in his review of «Orange.» Enjoy 🙂

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Real or FAKE ANIME?? Pt. 3! | Thomas Sanders

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You all have opened my eyes to so much anime that exists in this world, but there are STILL so many shows out there I don’t know about! In this video, I team up once again with Dominic to challenge my knowledge of anime, deciding which ones actually exist and which ones are complete phonies that YOU wrote into us! All of you made this challenge incredibly tough AND enlightening!! Hope you enjoy!!

Thank you to Dominic for helping out with this video and for contributing to its edit!

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