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Аниме Coub’ы под музыку #5 | Аниме коубы | Anime Vines

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В видео некоторые COUB’ы показаны не полностью. Посмотреть полностью вы можете по ссылке ниже.
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1 https://coub.com/view/cqyq3 – Доблесть Рыцаря неудачника
2 https://coub.com/view/cqym3 – Ханаан
3 https://coub.com/view/crdb0 – Принцесса чайка и гроб,Школа под прицелом, Яркая Чихая, Хьеука
4 https://coub.com/view/crfj6 – Истории Монстров
5 https://coub.com/view/criwt – Шарлотта, Твоя апрельская Ложь, Повелитель
6 https://coub.com/view/crr8e – Парад Смерти, Смертельный Бильярд (OVA)
7 https://coub.com/view/crsc7 – K-ON
8 https://coub.com/view/cs9lw – Под Облаками, Сад изящных Слов (Полнометражки)
9 https://coub.com/view/cshf9 – За гранью, Истории Монстров, Притворная Любовь
10 https://coub.com/view/cspyn – Связанные
11 https://coub.com/view/csyvn – Пингвиний Барабан
12 https://coub.com/view/ct6rl – K-ON
13 https://coub.com/view/ctj0p – Kill La Kill
14 https://coub.com/view/ct70w – Токийский Гуль
15 https://coub.com/view/ct7h7 – Kill La Kill,Космический Денди
16 https://coub.com/view/cp482 – Синий Экзорцист, Алтернативный Мир с Нуля, Мастера Меча Онлайн, Врата: Там бьются наши войны
17 https://coub.com/view/cnleb – Врата Штайнера
18 https://coub.com/view/cjkp6 – Кошечка из Сакурасо

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Asuna – Sword Art Online – Anime Speed Drawing/Speed Painting – english

New drawing, yooo!ヾ( ~▽~)ツ
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I use this for my drawings…
✮☆ graphics tablet: Wacom Cintiq 13HD
✮☆ software: Clip Studio Paint / Adobe Photoshop CC

Please don’t ask for drawings of certain characters. My “wish-to-draw” list is already long as fuck ヾ( ~▽~)ツ

Music Credits:

8-bit March by Twin Musicom (twinmusicom.org)
Music by Twin Musicom is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/)

Samayou Itami by Trial & Error ( http://www.tandess.com/en/music/ )
Music / Lyrics: Sakagami Suichi
Vocals: Hatori Aya
Copyright (C) 2015 Trial & Error/Sakagami Souichi All rights reserved.
Infos & Download: https://www.tandess.com/en/music/free-material/data/pain_short.html

Pride by Trial & Error ( http://www.tandess.com/en/music/ )
Music / Lyrics: Sakagami Suichi
Vocals: Kasuga IO
Copyright (C) 2015 Trial & Error/Sakagami Souichi All rights reserved.
Infos & Download: https://www.tandess.com/en/music/free-material/data/pride.html

Towa to Uta by Trial & Error ( http://www.tandess.com/en/music/ )
Music / Lyrics: Sakagami Souichi
Vocals: Kasuga IO
Copyright (C) 2015 Trial & Error/Sakagami Souichi All rights reserved.
Infos & Download: https://www.tandess.com/en/music/free-material/data/eternal.html

Kaitou-X to Junjou-Tantei (CM Ver.) by Trial & Error ( http://www.tandess.com/en/music/ )
Music : Souichi Sakagami
Lyrics: Shikunshi Yue
Vocals : Kouzuki Yuka
Copyright (C) 2015 Trial & Error/Sakagami Souichi All rights reserved.
Infos & Download: https://www.tandess.com/en/music/free-material/material.html

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Top Best Funny Anime Moments

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Top Epic Anime Moments

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Fairy Tail : The Next Generation – FALL 2018 ANIME! Episode 278

Natsu and Lucy’s Children – The Next Generation of Fairy Tail?! Natsu and Lucy together forever! A NEW ADVENTURE Fairy Tail Final Season. – Natsu and Lucy Married 2018 New Series – Lucy x Natsu Kiss. Fairy Tail Manga Ends Hiro Mashima Confirmed. Natsu Dragneel and Lucy Heartfilia Married, begin their relationship after the Zeref War Dragon Festival? Lucy Dying to save Natsu.The End of Fairy Tail Chapter Japan Premiere Natsu and Lucy Child Nashi Dragneel Lucy x Natsu Love Story. Fairy Tail Chapter 546 E.N.D Natsu Dragneel vs Acnologia Zeref Demon Slayer Gray Fullbuster.

The End of Fairy Tail – Natsu Holding Lucy in Dragon Cry Movie Scenes. Natsu and Lucy will be together forever! Fairy Tail PART 2 New Generation

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New Fairy Tail Anime 2017 : FAIRY TAIL ANIME ENDING 2017! Jerza Erza & Jellal Kiss : Natsu’s Confession of Love to Lucy Heartfilia. Natsu x Lucy Kiss and END Natsu Dragonize vs Zeref Final Fight, Zeref Dragneel faces off against his brother. フェアリーテイル Subscribe for more Fairy Tail!!!

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Dragon Cry 2017 Movie NaLu Final Arc

Fairy Tail Anime ENDING 2018 Natsu and Lucy Together

Fairy Tail Christmas Special OVA http://bit.ly/1NpXzmq
Natsu Dragneel and Lucy Heartfilia Married, begin their relationship after the Zeref War Dragon Festival?! New Fairy Tail Movie 2 Natsu Dragneel x Lucy Heartfilia fanfiction kiss scene, my thoughts on the new movie! NaLu Kiss! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L68Fr1HIayk

Song Credit to these great artists
ORLO – Porter Robinson – Sea Of Voices (ORLO Shelter Flip) https://soundcloud.com/orlomusic/porter-robinson-sea-of-voices-orlo-shelter-flip
Masayume Chasing Fairy Tail Op – Dima Lancaster
Dj jo Fairy Tail Theme https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F0eofbOc510

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9 Anime Cliches that are Secretly Awesome

All our favorite anime series are filled with cliches. From Dragonball Z to Bleach, from One Piece to Gurren Lagaan. Even Kill la Kill is bubbling over with tropes. But some of these tropes are actually awesome! Our resident anime expert Jared is here to tell you why your favorite weeaboo bait is actually otaku gold. These shounen series filled with ultimate attacks may get a lot of flak, but they are actually awesome!

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