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🔜Ab 7. April startet die Serie im Simulcast auf Wakanim! Seid ihr schon gehyped? 🤪

Darum geht es in der Serie:
Llenn ist eine einsame Spielerin in „Gun Gale Online“, einer Welt voller Waffen und Stahl. Sie liebt süße Dinge und kleidet sich immer ganz in Pink. Doch als sie entdeckt, dass es ihr Spaß macht, andere Spieler zu verfolgen, versinkt sie ganz im PK – Player Killing. Sie erhält sogar den Spitznamen „Pinker Dämon“. Dann trifft Llenn auf die mysteriöse und schöne Pitohui und findet in ihr eine Gleichgesinnte. Auf Pitohuis Rat hin nehmen sie am Teamevent „Squad Jam“ teil.

Fügt die Serie bereits jetzt eurer Sammlung hinzu:

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[500Subs] Swordland – Sword art online OST [Piano Duet] // Synthesia

Difficulty: Proficient – Proficient
Please enjoy the piano cover/tutorial of ソードランド the main theme of ソードアートオンライン by Yuki Kajiura
1st thing I wanna say: WOW I can’t believe that some random person like me got 500subs, that means 500 people agreed that I make acceptable content; To be honest with you, I didn’t have confidence in myself when I started this channel, cause I hadn’t the necessairy skills to be on this community, but thanks to all of you guys, I made it to where I am today.
To a lot of you guys, 500subs seems like nothing to talk about, but for me it’s a huge milestone in this channel, so from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU ! all of you !
About this arrangement: As you can see it’s made for 2 people to play, with some original material like the right hand 1:08 to 1:25
It was meant to be really special video (A collaboration in fact) But it didn’t work out quite the way I was hoping
Anyway I hope you enjoy this cover
Here’s the sheets for anyone who wants to give it a go:
Sheet1: http://goo.gl/yS8cFc
Sheet2: http://goo.gl/t4pJKu
Follow me on twitter: https://twitter.com/RafikelJar
You can also contact me at Chladido_tu@hotmail.fr

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Sword Art Online Integral Factor ( EN ) – English Version – Anime Mobile Game Free

Sword Art Online Integral Factor ( EN ) – English Version – Anime Mobile Game Free.

Link : https://m.apkpure.com/sword-art-online-integral-factor/com.bandainamcoent.saoifww

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FB Group : https://www.facebook.com/groups/Animemobilegamefree/

Fb page: https://www.facebook.com/AnimeMobileGameFree/

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Sword Art Online Anime Type Beat “Asuna” prod. Omniiwaves

Sword Art joint?

More beats heatin’ up in the microwave

OmniiWaves is dedicated to bringing back the most nostalgic moments of anime, gaming, and hiphop through diverse music and memorable imagery. All of our beats are original and inspired by the already existing art in this world. We hope to give joy to those who watch our content, and are open to all suggestions for future videos. This beat is dedicated to another classic. Enjoy!

Want to chat? Email OmniiWaves@gmail.com!

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1 Hour Sword Art Online Soundtrack – Beautiful & Emotional Anime Music

1 Hour Sword Art Online Soundtrack – Beautiful & Emotional Anime Music


► Anime: Sword Art Online, ソードアート・オンライン


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❋1-Hour Anime Mix – Most Epic & Powerful: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JxUP9p2x1Cw

Track list:
0:00:00 A tender feeling
0:02:00 A tiny love
0:03:23 Yui
0:05:26 Town in the morning
0:06:54 In time of peace
0:08:29 Smile for me
0:10:04 With my friend
0:11:26 At nightfall
0:13:14 Daily life, you and me
0:14:53 Friendly feelings
0:16:37 Gracefully
0:18:21 Dance with me
0:20:04 good bye, again and again
0:22:08 I’m always thinking of you
0:23:54 Is this love
0:26:15 Is this love ~ piano only ver.
0:28:10 She is still sleeping
0:29:49 think tenderly of you
0:31:46 You Are Not Alone

0:34:29 Listen Again =^^=


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