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VRChat Anime Honeymoon with Ryan in Japan! Virtual Reality

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Ryan and I finally get around to having our anime honeymoon in Japan! We go out for sushi with Nagzz, Lanfear and Bricks. Blow the place up! Then sit on a roof and watch fireworks, just like an anime! Nothing new for VRChat. I hope you find this video cute! 💗

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[ VRChat ] Anime Girl Cries and Two Girls Box Each Other in VRChat

VRChat — We encounter a crying girl and then two girls fight in the boxing ring to settle up a score! All in VR with the oculus or vive
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VR Anime Girl Contest Is PAINFUL

For business inquiries email info.nodestudios@gmail.com

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Sword Art Online Virtual Reality, Oculus Rift at Anime Expo

The oculus rift booth pulled no punches with a full Sword Art Online demo at Anime Expo 2014. I gave it a try and I’m here to testify.

The oculus Dev Kit 2, the latest version of the virtual reality system, feels great and we have here a perfect demo to try it with. Anime characters have nice clean eyes to look back at you and the rift allows you an experience akin to being in a room with one. The demo played out as though I was in the center of the stage for a play I was watching. Characters whilred around me, interacted with me, and I was even tossed around by a monsters sword.

To be fair, it was too loud at the convention for me to become completely engrossed, as well the demo to short. However, if you’re yet to try a rift on for yourself and you’re excited or curious, jaded or uncertain, I can tell you this much: The rifts sense of motion and head tracking is now almost uncompromisingly full fledged and adult, and while it might be a «sit down experience (for now)» it’s also a danm convincing one.

But so long as the word «Dev Kit» is in the title, that means wait. The rift might be fun to show off as a one off event to give some anime fans a dream experience, but it’s still not ready for our homes and living rooms quite yet. The leap between dev kit 1 and dev kit 2 is unfathomably large, and if they can make that kind of progress again for the consumer addition, well have a fiercely powerful tech competitor in more markets the gaming.

Keep up with the Oculus itself at OculusVR.com
And you know if there’s any other awesome demos like this, I’ll be here on youtube to show them off, or at 01life.net

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[VRChat] Every Anime Opening (If It Was In VR)

I asked for 750 likes and you guys smashed it, so here is the full version of the Naruto opening

This is inspired by rnkn and FilthyFrank’s anime opening

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Come and play VRChat

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Wild Anime Girls Safari in VRCHAT

VRCHAT contains a world of anime creatures. Join me on a virtual safari as we explore the animal girls of the virtual world.

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Video Style influenced by Sugar Pine 7: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEY0…

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[ VRChat ] Save The VR Anime Girl! ( Virtual Reality )

VRChat Adventure and funny moments: SAVE THE VR ANIME GIRL!
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Outro — Diviners — Savannah (feat. Philly K) [NCS Releas]

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Creepy VR Anime Girl | VRChat Funny Moments

THE VRChat Adventures — The Full Virtual Reality Show
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In this episode of VRchat we encounter a creepy VR girl who scares everyone ( well mainly me it seems ).

The virtual reality world has some crazy moments, and VRchat is certainly at the top of the list for providing them. You can make your own avatars, you can experience virtual reality in a whole new way. This video is almost as close to the experience we had in vrchat weird house party!


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