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25 Anime Mistakes They THOUGHT No One Would Notice

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Virtually any TV series, movie releases, soap operas, children’s cartoons, or in this case, Anime, have had their own fair share of animation and artists mistakes that some may not have noticed unless they took a closer look. These mishaps could be due to time constraints, very careless work, or low budgets. Regardless, although some of them look quite hilarious or outright wonky, the people working on these series had the audacity to try to slip it by the audience without us noticing, or at least, so they thought!

There are a menagerie of errors, some are quite nonsensical like Pein and Sasuke within the Naruto: Shippuden series being able to move and twist their body any way they want. Other characters also took some radical flexibility classes since they could twist their arms around in different positions, or even grow an extra finger. Gravity is one of the most important forces in the universe, but some people just want to defy it outright and try to climb up completely vertical stairs. Zoro and Pikachu are awesome in their own right, but it seems some artists wanted to see more than one in the same place! Perspective can make a picture stand out more, or in the case of some of these entries, have a pig or an innocent schoolgirl look like behemoths in comparison to their surroundings. Even Dragon Ball is not safe from its wide array of comedic-looking errors, most particularly Vegeta transforming into a Super Saiyan Blue, yet having yellow hair.
These are just a few out of numerous examples of Anime mistakes that are outright hilarious in many shapes and forms!

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