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Top 10 Anime TRAPS you could FALL for

hello in another video , as every anime fan know when watching an anime there is some characters that we fail to recognize thier gendre today I decided to make a video about them I hope you like it
Anime in the list :
09/Kaichou wa Maid-sama
08/Blend S
07/Log horizon
06/Baka to Test to Shokanju
03/Highschool DxD
01/Steins gate
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Top 15 Best Anime KISSES in the history

Hope you enjoyed the video , don’t forget to comment your best anime kiss scene
Anime in the list :
14/Tokyo ravens
13/Kokoro connect
12/Zero no tsukaima
11/Steins gate
10/Tsuki ga kirei
09/Grancrest Senki
07/Highschool DxD
06/Plastic Memories
05/Akagami no Shirayuki-hime
04/Sword Art Online
03/kaichou wa maid-sama
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Top 10 Lovable Tsundere Anime Characters

I don’t think I should say this in every video , but this is ONLY my own opinion you don’t have to agree with me just repect my opinion and I will respect yours
Anime in the list :
08/Inu X boku
07/Shakugan no shana
06/Zero no tsukaima
05/Kaichou wa maid-sama
04/Shokugeki no soma
01/Toaru Kagaku no Railgun
See you again soon
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Robyn officially turns 30 on April 16th. To celebrate this major milestone, she’s going to reveal her favorite Anime of all time in a Top 30 list! These aren’t titles she believe are the best, but just thirty titles she holds dear to her heart. What are your favorite anime titles? Leave your answers down below.


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Anime Quiz ( Can you guess the anime from only 1 scene )

Hello guys , today instead of quiz of op songs I put instead scenes , hope you like it and see you again soon

Anime in the video :
30/Hunter x hunter
29/Sword art online
28/death note
26/Kurokou no basket
23/Log horizon
21/Sakurasou no pet no kanojo
20/Black Clover
19/Akagami no shirayuki hime
18/Bungou Stray Dogs
17/Trinity Seven
16/Denpa kyoushi
15/Zetsue no tempest
13/Youjo Senki
12/Nogizaka haruka no himitsu
11/Rakudai kishi no cavalry
10/shimoneta to lu Gainen Ga
09/Oda nobuna no Yabou
08/Heavy objects
07/Himouto! Umaru-chan
06/Shomin sample
05/Onii-chan dakedo Ai sae
04/Amaama to Inazuma
03/Net-juu no Susume
02/Danna ga Nani ka Itteiru ka Wakaranai Ken
01/binbougami Ga!

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Top 10 Best New Anime of Winter 2018

hello today I decided to make a list about the anime that released in this season ( winter 2018 ) that I’m currently Watching, please sure you understand that it’s only py own opinion you don’t have to agree with me respect my opinion and I will respect yours
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Top 10 transfered to another world anime

Well Hello in another Video hope you like it please make sure you know that I only included new anime and anime that poeple may not know about I know there is better anime like Gate and NGNL
and more, comment your favorite anime and I may include it in the next video

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Top 15 Saddest Anime Deaths ( Try not to cry Challenge )

Hello in another video I hope you liked it , and please rememeber that this is only my own opinion
also I put koro-sensei as a HM because I didn’t really watch it
See you again soon :
14/Plastic Memories
13/Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood
12/Shigatsu wa kimi no uso
10/Death Note
09/Guilty Crown
07/Angel Beats
05/Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood
04/One piece
03/Hunter X Hunter

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Top 12 Best GAME Anime

Hello in another video well this time I will explain why I choosed every anime it’s maybe long but if you intrested you can check it out well let’s start with number 12
12/ well the story happens in the world as Sword art online ( well a years later ) it has a nice story but I didn’t like the main characters I’m more fond of the handsome powerfull MCs so it was really hard for me to like him but the anime over all is WORTH WATCHING
11/well this anime is about poeple who like games hmm pretty much that’s all the MC is not really a good player and ofcourse the most beautful girl in the school will like him for hmm ? yeah idk well who cares but surprisingly it’s pretty much enjoyable a good comedy and good graphics
10/pretty sure only poeple who already played Mmorpgs for so long will understand the bond between the characters , it’s a good comedy/ecchi anime who worth giving a chance PS: It may seems like a harem anime at the start but IT»S NOT
09/anime about gambling , they play many games ( some are original ) well the male MC is worthless piece of trash , didn’t like it at the first but the more you watch the more you like it
08/ this anime is about the afterlife poeple who die go to a bar where they play a game and the bartender will judge if they should go to heaven or hell , simple but good
07/this anime is about a player who was rank 10 at a bombing game he get kidnapped and put on an island where he should play the game in the real life
06/the old classic stuck in a game but he doesn’t know how to get out and probaly he doesn’t want to get out
05/few poeple wake up to found themselves in a fantasy world with any memories they joined a guild and started killing monsters to get money , I choosed this anime because it has mmorpg features like Jobs/classes skill , drops , it’s a good anime really must watch
4/the MC has a white hair hmm that’s enough for me to watch it , well jokes aside it’s game about gods who gives power to humans or the other races like elf … to fight monsters this anime is like an mmorpg with level system , stats system , skills system and more , well just another much watch anime
3/who doesn’t know No game no life the best incest anime I mean very good anime I don’t even need to say why I choose it or what’s the story
2/many poeple hate this anime but there is more poeple who like it and I’m very proudly say I LOVED it , it’s one of my First anime and it’s probaly the one who made me love anime the story was good I agree it would have been better if the whole season 1 was in SAO but overall it’s still good I liked GGO too I love Sinon one of my top 10 best anime characters
H.M 1 : well seems like it may be a good anime it’s just came out this season only one episode out
H .M 2 : another survival Game the first episode was good I read manga and saw what’s happened in the first game he mc participate in well it had a good start but to be honest I can say that I expected to be much better , well hope home this season will be good
1/well now to number one it’s the opposite of SAO , the MC is not really that handsome or powerful but he’s smart I like how he fix the problems it’s may not be a dead game but it’s pretty good , must watch for poeple who likes mmorpgs
that’s all it’s too long probaly no one read it but hope you like it , see you again soon
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Top 10 Anime Memes

Top 10 Anime Memes
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We always praise incredible anime like Naruto, One Piece, Dragon Ball Z, and Cory in the House…but today its time to look at the finer things in life — the memes. The Heart, Yaranaika, Yaoi Hands, Get in the Robot Shinji, Pregnancy Announcments, Over 9000, It was Me Dio, Muda Muda, and Parody top 10 lists. It’s time to pay tribute to the wonderful, often cringey world of Anime memes. Because you told us to.

00:37 #10. “People Die If They Are Killed”
01:15 #9. “Mirai Nikki” Yandere Face
01:58 #8. “Anime Was a Mistake” Miyazaki
02:33 #7. Spot the Main Character
02:58 #6. Notice Me Senpai
03:44 #5. “Just as Planned”
04:26 #4. GAR
05:17 #3, #2, #1: ???

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