Метка: Naruto OP 16

What if SPIDERMAN: HOMECOMING had an anime opening?

First we would like to thank you all for the nice comments on our THOR: RAGNAROK anime opening video. You are all beautiful human beings!

We decided to continue this little series and brought you SPIDERMAN: HOMECOMING, a favourite of ours.
This turned out to be quite special. Not sure if it’s in a good or bad way though.

What do you think?

music / KANA-BOON — Silhouette

All right reserved to Marvel Studios & Ki/oon Music.

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Openings Anime Latino — The Covers Duo

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«The Covers»
Vocals: Pamela RomVel
Guitars and Production: David Galardi

Gracias a Doble Cero por el doblaje de la canción de Naruto!!!

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Overwatch League Opening 16

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This is a parody of Naruto OP 16:

I suggest watching the openings side by side somehow.

Natewantstobattle Silhouette Cover.

— Kamii ❤



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