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VRChat Moments — INNOCENT VR anime girl MURDERED: Virtual Reality

Innocent VR anime girl murdered for no reason in virtual reality. watch online free video (18+) this video si family friendly!!

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VRChat Moments is a channel with virtual reality gameplay from VRChat. I am playing and recording it mostly in VR with the HTC Vive headset. I am joined by many players from all around the world who play on all kinds of devices, including desktop, VR HMDs and phones.

VR Moments: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLCLO7Zva5mvdgDTijX4R6Ll71xA_iHsq4
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VR Tutorials: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLCLO7Zva5mvdT7MmUv300NUhlnj_MBxjw

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VRChat website: https://vrchat.com/
VRChat on Steam: http://store.steampowered.com/app/438100/VRChat/
We’re a friendly community and the best way to experience what you’re seeing in my videos is to join it yourself!

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AMV — The Boy Who Murdered Love — Bestamvsofalltime Anime MV ♫

bestamvsofalltime anime music video (amv)
The Boy Who Murdered Love amv edited by ONEWAYS

Latest amv in this playlist — https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLlts7S-MKOl1rnANNQlylKHI5S6Jt7CJ3

Music — Diana Vickers — The Boy Who Murdered Love
Anime — https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=465447613571241&set=a.288868661229138.67491.288858587896812&type=1 (Facebook post). There’s also the comments & the video it’s self will normally have this information within. I can’t type the anime name here.
Making of: http://i.minus.com/ibFVOiQjmWl5H.jpg

Facebook for latest amv with all information — http://www.facebook.com/Icanonlycarry10lolisatatime

amv editors channel — https://youtube.com/user/onewaysAMV?feature=hovercard

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Playlists are a rough categorization. For example if an amv is primarily a fun, romantic character profile, it will probably be listed under Dance & Fun just because of the fun side.

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Bestamvsofalltime is a chain of channels for showcasing »better then average» amv. To me this can involve many things but it’s not limited to only godly editing.


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