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🔴 [PL] Black Desert Online Red Karma Ranger Anime tiddies


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tutaj napiwko :3

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PC Spec




• RAM: Hyper X 8Gb x1 Corsair 2x 4Gb


• MOUSE: Thermaltake Saphira



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Ein Kommentar zu Sword Art Online II | Anime Review [Deutsch/German]

Mein Kommentar zu Sword Art Online 2. In dieser Review kurz und knapp gesagt, was ich von der Fortsetzung des Anime halte.
Sword Art Online II Vol. 1 kaufen*: http://amzn.to/1WJQ4Fk
Ein Kommentar zu Sword Art Online I:

Der Sword Art Online Anime ist eine Anime Adaptation der original Sword Art Online Light-Novel Reihe, die von Kawahara Reki geschrieben wird. Der Anime wird unter der Direktion von Tomohiko Ito von A-1 Pictures produziert. Er wurde am 07. Juli 2012 in Japan erstmal ausgestrahlt, die englische Dub-Version folgte am 27. Juli 2013. Die zweite Staffel Sword Art Online II wird seit dem 05. Juli 2014 in Japan ausgestrahlt.[1] Zeitgleich ist eine Version mit englischem Untertitel on Air. Die Version mit deutschem Untertitel wurde mit einer Verzögerung von 6 Tagen im deutschen PayTV auf Animax gezeigt und seit 6. März 2015 läuft die deutsche Synchronfassung (siehe auch: Sword Art Online Anime im TV — Programm).
-Quelle (http://de.swordartonline.wikia.com/wiki/Anime)
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Newsroom — Riot
V for Victory — Audionautix

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Anime Saiyan (Dragonball Online) First Look

Anime Saiyan= http://saiyan.playwebgame.com/home

Now you guys had to know they was going to make this sooner or later right? This game is pretty much like the rest of the anime browser games. It works off of the battle power system. So it will be heavily influenced, by money at the end of the day.

The game story follows the Dragonball Universe exactly. Starting from the kid goku days leader into the Saiyan God Movie. Anime Pirates the game that this format is following. Has a lot of modes and game play. More in fact than any other game around. So even if they copy that format. This game should be around a long time.

Plus eventhough I won’t play this as much as Bleach. I have every intention of going Super Saiyan on someone’s ass in pvp 🙂

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Luna Online — Quite Possibly The Cutest, Most Adorable Anime MMORPG Ever!

Luna Online (REBORN!) may not be the greatest Anime MMORPG, it may not have the greatest combat, it may not look the most visually appealing. But one thing Luna Online DOES do, is really capture that cutesy, adorable side that most MMORPG these days seem to avoid. Luna Online is probably one of the most adorable looking MMORPGs I’ve ever played!

I mean.. in all honesty I haven’t played too many Anime inspired MMORPGs anyway, but I digress. The fact is that the game looks absolutely adorable and if you guys are into cute MMORPGs then this very well may be for you. It’s simple tab-target combat, there’s a lot of grind involved (unfortunately — unless you’re into that), and some of the NPCs look amazing. To top that off the monsters have some of the funniest lines I’ve read in an MMORPG.

Is Luna Online the best MMORPG? It definitely has the potential to be!

Luna Online is a Free to play (f2p) MMORPG.

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Outro: Rameses B — Beside You (feat. Soundr) http://bit.ly/2bPfGTP

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SoulWorker online MMORPG Gameplay live stream Best anime looking Game

Multistreaming with https://restream.io/

🔸Fortnite Save the World🔫
🔸Hero Of The Storm

👋Hey Everyone! Welcome to my channel where my twin brother and I Stream Fortnite Save The World & sometimes Battle Royale
My Mom & Sister will join us from time to time But when they are not on , We will invite our long time subs to join the good fight to save this world.



To Download the same app i use to stream go here https://streamlabs.com/slobs/d/7506739

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The next STREAM BOSS will get a reward of 10k Jcoins

PL 130 Grave Digger winners in this video https://youtu.be/PUzW8x79wuY
PL106 Drum Roll winners in this video https://youtu.be/nQjHSRZFdhY
PWR 130 Siegebreaker Winners in this video https://youtu.be/qvRGE8dee44
tiger and dragon break Winners in this video https://youtu.be/L3JrzGNaU28

Like anime? check out my first AMV https://youtu.be/j-3PDbVK3M0

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Don’t ask for stuff

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Jasonking5Gamer/
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​Jcoins-are a digital currency that can be used to buy in-game items like guns and materials. Jcoins can be earned by watching the stream and being active. Type !jcoins to check how many you have!

Jcoin 2000😃
!shadowwep or 15 Shadow Shard

1500 Jcoin😃

!obsidianwep or 25 Obsidian Ore

Get weapon from Donation
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$3 Bald Eagle 106 (Obsidian) NFP
$3 Super Shredder 106 (Obsidian)
$5 Wall Spikes X30 130
$3 Wall Dynamo X30 106
$3 Floor Launcher X30 106
$3 Gas Traps X30 106
$3 Floor Spikes X30 106

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Ar:piel Online (АРПИЭЛЬ, ARPIEL). Аниме интро. Ближайшее обновление. Я Вернулся!!!

-= Поддержи автора — https://streamlabs.com/windbreathdvmmo
-= Arpiel online официальный сайт (промо) — https://espritgames.ru/arpiel
-= Ar piel Online группа в Вк — https://vk.com/arpiel_online
-= Discord Ar:piel — https://discordapp.com/invite/awATV3K
Ролик посвящен будущим изменениям в мире Арпиэль Онлайн, а также вкусняшка в конце)
— Купить золото на https://kiberlot.ru с безопасной и автоматической системой сделок.
Viskarik канал друга https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCx15…
Группа в Вк — https://vk.com/windbreathdv
Ставьте лайк, подписывайтесь. Один подписчик уже радость для автора!
Всем спасибо!

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Anime Ninja/Ninja World (115k Gold) New Character Soon

☣Main Channel☣http://bit.ly/Biohazardisonline
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☣Production Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound: http://www.epidemicsound.com

☣Girls Frontline☣http://bstk.me/pgiZ2u0ko
☣Guns of Glory☣http://bstk.me/pfy1NxAze

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Torchlight Frontier, NCSoft’s lineup, anime MMO MEOW and more! | Gaming News

00:03 — NCSoft gaming lineup.
00:44 — Project TL CBT imminent.
01:10 — MEOW: Mystic Emissary Of Wonder announced.
01:42 — China pausing game reviews.
02:23 — Torchlight Frontiers announced by veteran developers.


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