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В этом видео я попроую стать беременной на 24 часа! Мне кажется это очень прикольный челлендж! Попробуйте и вы))

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【ツ】 Falaí galeres! Dessa vez estamos jogando Soulworker! Um jogo de anime grátis e online bem divertido de se jogar com amigos, além de ter vários elementos de jogabilidade parecidos com Devil May Cry!

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— @PandexPandemico
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Yugioh Andrian Gecko | Exodia Anime Style Deck Orica (Yugiohoricasofficial.com)

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For sale here: http://www.yugiohoricasofficial.com/adrian-gecko—exodius-deck

Andrian Gecko Anime Style Deck
Deck List | 33 Cards

Monster Cards | 13
Exodius The Ultimate Forbidden Lord
Exodia The Forbidden One
Left Arm Of The Forbidden One
Left Leg Of The Forbidden One
Right Arm Of The Forbidden One
Right Leg Of The Forbidden One
Vortex Trooper
Vortex Trooper
Vortex Trooper
Deep Diver
Deep Diver
Deep Diver
Fog King

Spell Cards | 13
Ritual Of The Ultimate Forbidden Lord
Ritual Of The Ultimate Forbidden Lord
Rage Of The Forbidden One
A Feather Of The Phoenix
Burden Of The Mighty
Shard Of Greed
Exploding Cloud
Magical Mallet
Magical Mallet
Magical Mallet
Royal Sword
Fog Castle

Trap Cards | 7
Backup Soldier
Break The Seal
Break The Seal
Break The Seal
Defense Seal Wall
Dimensional Prison
Crest Burn

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10 Easter Eggs in the Pokemon Sun and Moon Anime!

10 Easter Eggs in the Pokemon Sun and Moon Anime!

What’s going on guys, I’m Entity Mays, here with a different kind of video this time! There are many Easter Eggs/References that make their way into the Pokemon Anime and despite Pokemon the Series: Sun and Moon only having 30 episodes so far, there have been a lot within it, so today I will listing 10 Easter Eggs so far in the Pokemon Sun and Moon Anime, whether it be a reference to the games, such showcasing Pokemon generation 1 sprites on Ash Ketchum’s T-shirts (due to this being the animes 20th anniversary) or showcasing wigs representing Ash’s former travelling companions, May and Brock. To see the full list, be sure to watch the full video! If you enjoyed this video, be sure to leave a like and a subscribe for future Pokemon content! It helps out a ton!
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Twitter ►► https://twitter.com/EntityMays
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Discord ►► https://discord.gg/Q5XwYac
Extra Credit:
Background Layout ►► https://twitter.com/PokeSkruzz
Upcoming Pokemon Sun and Moon Anime Episodes:

Pokemon Sun and Moon Anime Episode 63 (SM063)
Blaze, Nyabby! Overthrow Gaogaen!!
Pokemon Sun and Moon Anime Episode 64 (SM064)
Satoshi and Nagetukesaru! Touchdown of Friendship!!
Pokemon Sun and Moon Anime Episode 65 (SM065)
Ilima and Eievui IliMake Their Entrance!!
Pokemon Sun and Moon Anime Episode 66 (SM066)
Smash with Sketch! The Fierce Fighting Poké-Ping Pong!
Pokemon Sun and Moon Anime Episode 63 Preview
Pokemon Sun and Moon Anime Episode 64 Preview
Pokemon Sun and Moon Anime Episode 65 Preview
Pokemon Sun and Moon Anime Episode 66 Preview
Pokemon Sun and Moon Anime Episode 63 English Subs
Pokemon Sun and Moon Anime Episode 64 English Subs
Pokemon Sun and Moon Anime Episode 65 English Subs
Pokemon Sun and Moon Anime Episode 66 English Subs
Pokemon Sun and Moon Anime Episode 43 English Dub (SM043)
When Regions Collide!
Pokemon Anime Topics:

AlohaShipping Hints
AlohaShipping Moments
AureliaShipping Hints
AureliaShipping Moments
BlueAngelShipping Hints
BlueAngelShipping Moments
Serena to Alola
Serena Returns
Ash and Serena Reunite
Serena in Sun and Moon
Serena Pokemon Sun and Moon Anime
Serena to Alola
Ash Going to Other Regions
More Companions to Return
Aether Foundation Pokemon Anime
Ash’s Rowlet Evolves
Ash’s Rowlet
Ash’s Rowlet Evolves into Dartrix
Ash’s Litten Evolves
Ash’s Litten
Ash’s Torracat
Ash’s Litten Evolves into Torracat
Ash’s Litten Evolves into Torracat Confirmed
Ash’s Torracat Debut
Ash’s Torracat Confirmed
Litten Evolves into Torracat
Ultra Beasts Pokemon Anime
Nihilego Pokemon Anime
Ultra Wormhole Pokemon Anime
Guzma Pokemon Anime
Guzma Pokemon Sun and Moon Anime
Ultra Guardians
Poipole Pokemon Anime
Poipole Debuts
Ash’s Poipole
Ash Catches Poipole
Ash Catches Poipole Confirmed
Ash Befriends Poipole
Ash’s Alola Team
Ash’s Alola Team Prediction
Nanu Pokemon Anime
Acerola Pokemon Anime
Nanu Confirmed
Acerola Confirmed
Necrozma Pokemon Anime
Solgaleo Pokemon Anime
Solgaleo Returns Pokemon Anime
Nebby Pokemon Anime
Nebby Returns Pokemon Anime
Lunala Pokemon Anime Pokemon Anime
Dawn Wings Necrozma Pokemon Anime
Dusk Mane Necrozma Pokemon Anime
Shiny Mimikyu Pokemon Anime
Celesteela Pokemon Anime
Stakataka Pokemon Anime
Blacephalon Pokemon Anime
Kartana Pokemon Anime
Fallers Pokemon Anime
Masked Royal Pokemon Anime
Incineroar Pokemon Anime
Litten VS Incineroar
Litten VS Incineroar Full Battle
Ash VS Masked Royal
Ash VS Masked Royal Full Battle
Battle Royal Pokemon Anime
Ula’Ula Island Pokemon Anime
Passimian Pokemon Anime
Ilima Pokemon Anime
Ilima Debuts
Ilima Confirmed
Ash VS Ilima
Ash VS Ilima Full Battle
Ash meets Ilima
Ash meets Nanu
Ash meets Acerola
Gladion Pokemon Anime
Ilima’s Eevee
Ping Pong Pokemon Anime
Ash’s Torracat learns Flame Charge
The Pokemon Anime clips belong to TV Tokyo and Shopro, I DO NOT OWN ANY OF IT, however the clips are used in a «fair» way under the «fair use» copyright act. The material is used to entertain people, just like the material is made for, NOT to represent it in a bad manner or anything different from what the creator has made it for. Not only am I using this material to entertain people, I am using it to engage with fans within the community your anime has creaton, share our thoughts and honest opinions, and of course, make friends, Just like, again, the creator has made the content for. No matter how many clips I take, I will ALWAYS give credit to both TV Tokyo and Shopro and remember what I have written here, to make it entertaining and follow fair use. To see other content from TV Tokyo and Shopro you can see their websites here:

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Como ver anime online HD y Descargalo


con este tutorial aprenderas a descargar 70 capitulos de anime completamente gratis
recuerda solo para usuarios de NHK animexs si algun material incluido se copia a otras paginas no nos hacemos responbles de su mal uso o distribucion solo compartimos el anime con nuestros usuarios segun lo establecido por la ley

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