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Most Anticipated Spring 2018 Anime You Should Watch

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Wanted to give my personal opinion on the upcoming season and everything i’m gonna try to watch. There’s so many cool new IP announced and sequels alike, I hope you guys will pick out a few from the list (or even outside of the list too that’s fine)
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My channel here on Youtube is focused on making people discover new Anime to watch so they can increase their «To-watch» list. Think of your time here as browsing and sampling a giant Anime Library. I usually do so via Top 10s of any kind, «Guess the Anime», Doppelgangers and other various Anime skits. Occasionally I do vlogs revolving around myself and my family. For those still wondering about my accent, I’m French Canadian. My English is not perfect but it has to do. ^^
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Spoilers will be deleted on sight for obvious reasons.

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Colouring Heaven Anime Special (March 2018) | Review

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Dragonball Super Anime Ending In March (Episode 131)

What was your personal favorite moment from the DBS anime? If a new anime adaption would happen, what would you like for it to cover?

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