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Funny Anime Logic Fails

In this episode we look at some funny anime logic fails. Have you notice that every time an anime characters attack they will need to say their attack name? Shouting and yelling always makes them stronger? Pokemon anime logic like Pikachu punch himself when he don’t know what to do. And anime Naruto logic or other anime that the silly one is always the strongest one. And lastly my favourite is Anime gender logic, girl or boy, they look just the same to me. These funny examples of anime logic fails and funny anime logic meme are hilarious and even more fun than anime itself. Well, anime logic that makes no sense is exactly why they are fun to watch. Remember to share in the comment section which is the funniest anime logic fails and funniest anime memes you love the most.


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Hilarious And Funny Cases Of Anime Logic And Fails

Hilarious Animation Fails That Make Japanese Cartoons So Unique!
We all love Japanese animation for its atmosphere of magic, its eye-catching characters with huge eyes, and the real emotions it makes us feel. But despite all this, sometimes animators make such irrational mistakes that we can only wonder how they didn’t notice them.
Bright Side gathered the funniest moments where animators really broke all the laws of common sense and logic.

Source: Brightside

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