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24/7 lofi hip hop radio — smooth beats to study/sleep/relax

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🎧 Welcome to our lofi hip hop livestream, full of mellow melodic beats perfect for studying, work, relaxing, smoking or focusing. Enjoy your stay. 🙂

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📷 Background visual 📷
From anime ‘Wolf Children’

Genres: lofi hiphop / jazzy hip hop

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lonely day — lofi hiphop mix

lonely day — lofi hip hop mix
summer…lofi hiphop mix: https://youtu.be/dh3JmHHbbmU
Hello monday — lofi/jazz hip hop mix: https://youtu.be/hkGnoAOK2S0

0:00 RUDE — Eternal Youth
3:25 nymano — ill never know _ green tea
7:16 nymano — back to reality
8:56 IT’S OK — I like u
11:45 idealism — phosphenes
14:37 Idealism — Lonely
16:36 KUPLA — I will wait for you to come home
18:45 elijah who — love u hate me
20:40 tomppabeats — the girl next door
21:30 sweetbn _ — row flip
22:40 Cold — existence
24:55 Save Me — I eat plants for a living
26:20 MVDE — LUV. (video in description)
29:05 Bassti — im sad (Rebecka Reinhard — Pisces Bassti Remix)
31:30 Jasperino — Delta Waves
32:45 Kendall Miles — Light Year Love (w_ Somar)
34:43 Lxced x Dj Swrv
35:49 squid ethics — alone
37:58 idealism — a moment of silence
40:09 bitykradne — stillness



➤ Cloudx Music
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Artwork by けみ猫
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lofi hip hop radio 24/7 🎧 chill study / relax / gaming beats

🎧 https://live.chillhop.com
Welcome to our lofi hip hop livestream, full of mellow melodic beats perfect for studying, work, relaxing, smoking or focusing. Enjoy your stay. 🙂

Spotify playlist » http://chillhop.com/listen

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Check out https://live.chillhop.com . You can directly like tracks, find back tracks and have an overview of tracks you liked. It also includes links to the tracks on Spotify and the artist. Bookmark that page!

Who’s this raccoon? Does it have a name? Where’s the studying girl?!
It’s our new mascot! It doesn’t have a name… yet! We switched animation because we wanted something more unique / characteristic, and had some issues with our old animation.

What are the bot commands?
Coming soon.

📷 Illustration / animation by:
Jeoffrey Magellan » http://jeoffreymagellan.tumblr.com/ https://instagram.com/magellan_illustration
Tevy Dubray » https://www.tev-art.com/

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Homework Radio | Lofi Revise/Relax/Chill/Sleep Radio — Beats To Study To 🌾 Over 4 Hours!

💚 NEW 6+ HOUR VERSION: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uEIgNbGMOO4&t=600s

🔴LIVE STREAM HERE! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vwvUbPW0Gok 🔥

🎮Homework Radio Gaming (Coming Soon) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzPN…

💙NEWEST VERSION OF THIS VIDEO CAN BE FOUND HERE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kt0jbJH8HtY&t=1008s

➡More music on my channel, feel free to come and take a

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Thanks you for listening, I hope you will have a good time here and get along with each other!

*What is this music genre?
main genre : lofi chillhop
other genres : lofi hiphop/ambiant/electronic…

*Where is this image from?
it’s a looped scene from Kiki’s Delivery Service (Ghibli anime movie)

Track list:
0:01 Broke For Free — Beyond Dazed
4:36 Broke For Free — Golden Hour
10:40 Broke For Free — Smoke Sill
16:45 Broke For Free – Tabulasa
20:35 Broke For Free — The Gold Lining
26:20 Cash – Promise
35:48 Cash & Sappheiros — Dear Candle
45:01 Chill Wave — Kevin MacLeod
49:30 Dimatis — Emotional Tourism
53:30 Distinguish — Wish You Never Left
57:50 Elysian – Conquest
1:01:21 Everbeat & Wiljan – Wither
1:05:41 Ferven — Scattered Thoughts
1:09:20 Goodbye Gravity – Lunation
1:12:20 Joe Lyons – Tremors
1:14:29 Julian Calor – Rain
1:17:44 Kedam – Plume
1:20:44 **(Take a break)**
1:24:26 Moon – LEMMiNO
1:28:04 Neutrin05 — Wish You Were Here
1:32:14 Nomyn – Daydreamer
1:35:33 Nomyn – Echoes
1:39:21 Nomyn – Gratitude
1:43:29 Nomyn — The Journey
1:47:26 Nyte – Breathless
1:50:41 One Summer’s Day — Artificial.Music
1:54:01 Sappheiros – Aurora
1:58:11 Sappheiros – Passion
2:02:26 Sappheiros – Smile
2:06:00 Sappheiros — Time Stands Still
2:10:50 Swept – Naïve
2:14:16 The Walton Hoax — Blinking Lights
2:18:43 TheLastFox & Xandra — Can’t See
2:24:00 Thijs Bos — At Sea
2:27:51 Triton – Borealis
2:32:18 Triton – You
2:37:36 Two Ways — These Years
2:42:00 Vexaic — Afar, We Stand
2:45:43 Waking Dreams – Moments
2:50:38 Waking Dreams — Someone Else
2:56:03 Wanderflux — Sunken feat. Kidswaste & Nori
3:00:05 Wiljan & Xandra – Woodlands
3:06:09 Xandra – Evergreen
3:08:44 Xandra – Guardian
3:12:35 Xandra – Petrichor
3:16:31 XaVioN & Nomyn — May We Meet Again
3:21:25 YDIMITU (earlynineties) – Playboy
3:26:17 ZenAware – Sudo
3:30:56 Zymek – Ascendent
3:33:33 A Gon – You
3:37:15 A-Gon – Brood
3:42:03 A-Gon — Her Smile
3:45:28 A-Gon – Karlita
3:48:30 A-Gon — Walked Away
3:52:38 Aiur Oscar – Forever
3:58:21 Aiur Oscar — Island Syllan
4:04:01 AK — 52 Weeks
4:07:29 AK – Lovestory
4:11:23 AK — Our Destination
4:14:57 AK & Faodail — As Time Goes By
4:19:22 AK, Mapps & October Child — Sublime Weekness
4:23:29 Broke For Free — ALM 28

(Note: Songs are Homework Radio edits so will differ from original source songs)

If any artist/label has issue with their music being include in the stream, please contact me by mail. (description of my channel)

💚Donations »https://www.paypal.me/HomeworkRadio

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24/7 lofi hip hop radio — smooth beats to study/sleep/relax

● all of your favourite lofi & chillout music all day. every day!
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background by Daniel Conway: https://goo.gl/SzwwyE

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Lofi Hip Hop Radio 24/7 🎧 Chill Gaming / Study Beats

Welcome to our lofi hip-hop livestream, full of mellow melodic beats perfect for studying, work, relaxing, smoking or focusing. Enjoy your stay. 🙂
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Background visual from anime ‘Wolf Children’:

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Special thanks to Axian ( https://goo.gl/XISYnh ), Izzy, Philanthrope & Chilledcow.

Genres: lofi hiphop / jazzy hip hop

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