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The Best Action / Anime MMORPG? – Kritika, Closers Or Soul Worker? + Checking Out The New Monk Class

● So I’ve been asked whether or not Kritika is fun, whether it’s worth playing still, how is it in comparison to Closers Online and Soul Worker Online? Well I check out early game to see if it’s as good as the a fore mentioned MMORPG’s, as I’ve played both Closers and Soul Worker till near end game.. so I can judge them more than Kritika Online. I’ll continue further into the later levels if you guys want to me to. So we can continue to compare Either way enjoy as I play through the new class in Kritika “Monk”. 😀

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Sword Art Online: Ordinal Scale – Anime Movie Kritika

Sziasztok Animegyetemisták! A mai videóban a Sword Art Online: Ordinal Scale című anime Movie lesz terítéken.

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Kritika Online Anime Action MORPG Nobleria 2nd Teaser Gameplay

The 2nd trailer featuring allm’s Nobleria in action!

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