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If Undertale Was An Anime…

This is from a series of gifs by bossmonsterbani (her undertale anime gifs are amazing, seriously check her out, I linked her tumblr in the description). Bani-chan also got a youtube channel! I linked it below (if you like this video, the video she posted has a small extension of it at the end) ! I just couldn’t resist making this into a video and adding sound effects. The music is from the Undertale OST (Home — Music Box Ver.) and the speech sounds are taken from the True Lab videos. There are spoilers here for the Pacifist run.

You can see part 2 here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lrlEupc2vD0
You can see part 3 here:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pszNZLr7l9o

Bossmonsterbani tumblr: http://bossmonsterbani.tumblr.com/post/137372501168/my-little-interpretation-to-the-second-video-tape
Bossmonsterbani youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFsBjHyPTHqulw2hxFZqqbQ

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Akame ga Kill! on Anime Crack

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0:00 — Ever Felt pt.1 — Otis McDonald

0:05 — «Bang Bang» — Max, Sam Tsui, Kurt Schneider

0:15 — Crazy Frog — Axel F

0:26 — Sidney Samson – Riverside

0:36 — David Guetta — Where Them Girls At

0:47 — Chani – Delirious

0:57 — Phil Fuldner Works #2 – Miami Pop

1:08 — Redbone – Come and Get Your Love

1:18 — Britney Spears — Oops!…I Did It Again

1:29 — Gnarls Barkley — Crazy

1:39 — Kool & The Gang — Get Down On It

1:49 — Miley Cyrus — Wrecking Ball

1:54 — Electric Six – Gay Bar

2:04 — 50 CENT – Disco Inferno

2:13 — Daniel Powter — B@d Day

2:23 — LITTLE BIG – F*сking As*hole

2:33 — One Republic — Everybody Loves Me

2:43 — WillIAm ft Britney Spears – Scream And Shout

2:53 — Lmfao — sex_y and I know IT

3:03 — Salt-N-Pepa – Let’s Talk About S_ex

3:10 — Daniel Ingram – Raise This Barn

3:20 — Bruno Mars — Treasure

3:27 — Aqua — Barbie Girl

3:36 — Vanilla Ice — Ice Ice Baby

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DB FighterZ Switch, Kill a Kill Game und mehr — Anime News #4

Zeitstempel für die Themen findet ihr weiter unten! Lasst mir einen Daumen nach oben da, wenn euch das Format gefällt!

00:50 — Pro7 Maxx Anime Filme
Quelle: https://www.anime2you.de/news/233093/prosieben-maxx-diese-anime-filme-erwarten-euch-im-august/

02:31 — DragonBall Super Broly
Quelle: https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2018-08-08/dragon-ball-super-broly-film-reveals-7-character-posters/.135252

04:09 — Black Clover Open Beta
Quelle: https://www.anime2you.de/news/234065/open-beta-zu-black-clover-quartet-knights-angekuendigt/

05:55 — Kill A kill Gameplay
Quelle: https://www.anime2you.de/news/233752/kill-la-kill-langes-gameplay-video-zum-spiel/

07:25 — DB FighterZ Switch Beta
Quelle: https://www.anime2you.de/news/233366/dragon-ball-fighterz-open-beta-fuer-nintendo-switch-angekuendigt/

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Анбоксинг : Распаковка четырех аниме фигурок с таобао! DxD, Overlord , Kill La Kill

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Kill la Kill the Game: IF Anime Expo 2018 Trailer / 「キルラキル ザ・ゲーム -異布-」Anime Expo 2018 トレーラー

The big hit anime that rocked the world and Mankanshoku’s family in 2013, «Kill la Kill», is now coming to your gaming consoles!
Presenting to you, the premiere trailer showcased over at Anime Expo 2018 on July 5th, 2018 (PDT)!

From the ambitious, punch-exchanging collaboration between Studio Trigger and Arc System Works! Our first playable demo shall be held over at EVO 2018, Las Vegas! Be the first in the world to try it out!

2018年7月5日(現地時間)に「アニメ・エキスポ 2018」で上映したトレーラーを公開致します。


[Product Details]
Title: Kill la Kill the Game: IF
Genre: KLK Battle Action
Expected Release: Year 2019
Price: TBC
Platform: PlayStation®4/STEAM
Ratings: TBC

▼Teaser Trailer (Released on June 16th, 2018) below:

▼Kill la Kill the Game: IF Teaser Site:
▼Arc System Works Homepage:
▼Studio Trigger Homepage

タイトル:キルラキル ザ・ゲーム -異布-


▼キルラキル ザ・ゲーム -異布- ティザーサイト

© ARC SYSTEM WORKS/©TRIGGER・中島かずき/キルラキル製作委員会

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In case you haven’t heard, ArcSystem Works is partnering up with Trigger for an official Kill La Kill game and MAAAN does it look beautiful. Anyone interested in seeing this on the channel?

NEW CHANNEL: http://bit.ly/Pokestyle


Intro made by Opunu

Intro Song made by Escoppo
Twitter: http://twitter.com/escoppo
Youtube: http://bit.ly/2phxzyp

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Аниме приколы #6/Смерти Akame ga kill 😭😭😭😫😩😢😭

========== Разверни ==========
========== Разверни ==========
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Убийца Акаме!「AMV」- Radioactive ᴴᴰ(Akame ga Kill) Аниме клип

Убийца Акаме!「AMV」- Radioactive ᴴᴰ(Akame ga Kill) Аниме клип

►Аниме: Убийца Акаме!
►Song: Radioactive — Imagine Dragons (Rock Cover) by James FJ ft. Mara McOldfield

► Смотреть в HD 720p!
► Лайк, Комент и подписка!

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