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Las LOLIS Tambien Son Peligrosas 👅👅|| Anime Momentos Divertidos #25 (Sword art online alternative)

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Cancion Del Final: Rin – The Lost One’s Weeping (ロストワンの号哭) – Sub Español
► https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=nmCu0ESWoaI

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Onigiri Episode 2 English Dubbed Watch cartoons online Watch anime online English dub anime

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Published on :- 2/11/2017
This video is 2 2017
Cartoon fun.!!
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ASUNA YUUKI SWORD ART ONLINE SAO | Sexy Anime Girls Ecchi 26 Time Lapse Drawing

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Mikey Mega Mega Drawing! ( MIKEYMEGAMEGA ) How I Draw Anime Girls in 720p HD – By popular demand you ask me to draw particular anime or manga characters, so after looking around for random pictures of anime female characters to use as references for poses etc (with safe search on!) I have put this video up of the sketching process from blocking out the character to using increasingly firmer lines to create the image, and then inking over it. This video will show the whole process so Enjoy!!

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My Intro Clip plays a tune called ‘Sledgehammer’ by Alexander Vinter – Known as SAVANT – He Is Mentally Good so check out his channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5ur2L6Zu4oCShmtFw9UTfQ

The Background Music is Royalty-Free
Song: A Himitsu – Smile (Harbinger Remix) [Creative Commons]

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A Himitsu – Smile (Harbinger Remix): http://youtu.be/T19ojOFrfcA

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ASUNA YUUKI SWORD ART ONLINE SAO | Sexy Anime Girls Ecchi 26 Time Lapse Drawing
ASUNA YUUKI SWORD ART ONLINE SAO | Sexy Anime Girls Ecchi 26 Time Lapse Drawing
ASUNA YUUKI SWORD ART ONLINE SAO | Sexy Anime Girls Ecchi 26 Time Lapse Drawing

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В этом ролике я объясню в чем “сакральное” значение цвета волос в аниме и от чего, зачастую, зависит длина шевелюры у некоторых персонажей.

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