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Top 10 Anticipated Anime of Summer 2018 | Glass Reflection

The new summer 2018 season has almost started! Here’s the Top 10 shows I’m excited for, what are you excited for?

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GR Anime Review: Another

A Glass Reflection Anime Review of Another
Originally Released: August 20th 2012

Ladies, gentlemen, and others, today I present: Another anime review. Get it? Cause it’s called “Another”! Hahahaha…ok yeah I’m just going to nip off to the back and slap myself…

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SAO Ordinal Scale [AMV]- Castle of Glass

Anime:- Sword art online ordinal scale
Music by:-Linkin Park
Song:- The Castle of glass
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I don’t own any of the SONG and the ANIME Used in the AMV.

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