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FLCL Season 2 and 3 Trailer – Anime Expo 2017

Get your first look at what’s to come in FLCL 2 and 3. The Pillows are back too!

The 21 Weirdest Anime of All Time

6 Things an Anime Fan Should Do in Tokyo

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E3 2015: Video Games Preview @ Anime Expo 2015 | Sword Art Online, Atlus, Capcom, Sega, Bandai Namco

A preview of what Bandai Namco, Capcom, NIS America, SEGA, and Atlus have planned for Anime Expo 2015~

Anime Expo 2015 attendees get an exclusive sneak peek of brand new video games including Sword Art Online, Naruto, and J-Stars Victory VS. AX 2015 showcases pros from Capcom, NIS America, SEGA, Bandai Namco, Atlus, and Funimation, who will let AX guests play games, participate in panels, and gain unprecedented access to hot new titles before anyone else.

Get your badge for AX 2015: http://www.anime-expo.org/registration/

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ANIME (アニメ見る時) Anime Rap Song

This is me rapping my track dedicated to Anime. Enjoy. MistaMaja.com (lyrics below)

Hit me up and let me know what you think!



Here are the lyrics for those interested:

Anime (アニメ見る時)

Verse I
Mark my (オレの) words as I speak ’em
I harness KAMEHAMEHA power like a demon
You tried to play the Maja, but the Maja gotcha squeakin’
Like a DBZ battle, you better reserve a thousand weekends
You gon’ need 20 episodes, zero breaks
No commercials, one take, live on your テレビ
You better start a line of those who think can handle me
And have ’em call me Brolly,
Cuz this is hardly
Competition, ambition gets sliced like it’s Kenshin
And did I mention I work off divine intervention?
I’m hard-core when it comes to アニメ
You can call it “Japanime” けど、I keep it 「アニメ」
I’m on that Witch Hunter R, Cowboy Bebop,
I keep it fan-sub status and still the baddest is I
Put your hands in the sky as I chant the cry

アニメ見る時、keep it 日本語
Don’t go switchin’ it to hear it in 英語


Verse II
Mark my (オレの) path as I push the barriers back
And make ’em lay flat like grass in crop circles
I push back Angels, send ’em back to Heaven
And I ain’t usin’ a Bible, I’m usin’ EVA Weapons
You had the nerve to challenge Nerv and I ain’t stop you
And when I came with that Full Metal, you Panicked, dude
Might as well call me Champ,
My style is Champloo,
Or チャンプルー,
I break them rules like them chemists do
I mix verses, mix spells like magicians do,
When they be delvin’ in the realm that they forbidden to
The recipe’s up in my head and yea, it’s hidden too
これヤベー、教えねえ, and I ain’t tellin’ dude
Flashin’ money in front of me don’t make me hungry
But if you’re flashin’ hot-off-the-block anime, that’s lovely
I’m フリクリ, Fooly Cooly, my duty is,
To spit it truthfully,
This is what I need you to do for me

*Repeat hook twice

Verse III
I flow speak easily, overtakin’ you slowly
I dodge bullsh*t, Vash the Stampede style
And I’m an animal, Vampire Hunter D style
The rappin’ Akira,
Mirror, mirror, I’m here
Waitin’ for my power to build up
Givin’ the enemy time to shield up
Givin’ the enemy time to guild up wit’ his posse
He probably thinks I spit monotony
But man I’m Gundam, with words that keep ’em runnin’
I write as if I’m huntin’, that’s how I make it function
I’ve been watchin’ anime since I could run and play
Appleseed, Tank Police, I could watch ’em all day
I keep the sub-titles on, English dubs off
I keep the fan-subs flowin’ and you can keep your hands
OFF of my stash
Don’t even ask, @$$, cuz you ain’t gettin’ a MEG even if you BEG

Hook repeats 2 times

Beat Breaks for speaking

Hook repeats again

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Anime Expo Best Cosplay 2016 #ThatCosplayShow

Did you like the video you just saw? Do you want to help us make more? Consider buying us a cup of coffee (click the Ko-Fi link).

It is no secret that revenue on YouTube is non-existent. Although we now lose money on every video, we like doing it and are committed to making more and more stuff. Your contribution could help buy Ben an overpriced convention center salad. Or bus fare for the director. If we get enough activity, we will develop even more content (WE GOT IDEAS!). Or maybe a Patreon.

Even if you aren’t able to donate, know that we appreciate you.
If you are hate-reading this, we still like you.

LA COSPLAY CON 2016: http://youtu.be/IkKexyiUtRw
WONDERCON 2016: http://youtu.be/wi5RT9WtBFM
SDCC 2015: http://youtu.be/ORR5_hMJ4Oc
ANIME EXPO 2015: http://youtu.be/_P1xR-Qo-qI

This video features:
LeeAnna Vamp (Jill Valentine)
Lisa Lou Who (McCree)
Joanie Brosas (Ash)
Genevieve Marie (Ryuko Matoi)
Charmie Sweets (D.Va)
Steff Von Schweetz (Queen of Hearts Levi)
Wind of the Stars (D.Va)
Crystal (Sole Survivor)
Vegas PG (Yamazaru Kunoichi)
and many more.

Hosted by Ben Pace (Twitter: @bbpace)

Check out https://www.facebook.com/ThatCosplayShow for more cosplay-ish-ness!

Best custom pops available at: https://www.etsy.com/ca/shop/Bringthemaeham

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Sword Art Online Virtual Reality, Oculus Rift at Anime Expo

The oculus rift booth pulled no punches with a full Sword Art Online demo at Anime Expo 2014. I gave it a try and I’m here to testify.

The oculus Dev Kit 2, the latest version of the virtual reality system, feels great and we have here a perfect demo to try it with. Anime characters have nice clean eyes to look back at you and the rift allows you an experience akin to being in a room with one. The demo played out as though I was in the center of the stage for a play I was watching. Characters whilred around me, interacted with me, and I was even tossed around by a monsters sword.

To be fair, it was too loud at the convention for me to become completely engrossed, as well the demo to short. However, if you’re yet to try a rift on for yourself and you’re excited or curious, jaded or uncertain, I can tell you this much: The rifts sense of motion and head tracking is now almost uncompromisingly full fledged and adult, and while it might be a “sit down experience (for now)” it’s also a danm convincing one.

But so long as the word “Dev Kit” is in the title, that means wait. The rift might be fun to show off as a one off event to give some anime fans a dream experience, but it’s still not ready for our homes and living rooms quite yet. The leap between dev kit 1 and dev kit 2 is unfathomably large, and if they can make that kind of progress again for the consumer addition, well have a fiercely powerful tech competitor in more markets the gaming.

Keep up with the Oculus itself at OculusVR.com
And you know if there’s any other awesome demos like this, I’ll be here on youtube to show them off, or at 01life.net

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Anime Expo 2017 Cosplay Vlog

Anime expo is over, but the heat exhaustion and good memories still remain!
Thanks again to colorworld for having me with them during Anime Expo! I had an absolute blast. To find out more about them, visit their website: www.colorworldbooks.com
I am not being paid to mention them here, exposure is just a side effect of being amazing people who make cool stuff, and they deserve exposure.
On that subject, my corsets were all made for my by Amber at lovelyrats: www.lovelyrats.com since people ask all the time!
and my sister, Lili, is responsible for that amazing Rose Quartz wig. I did NOT make that bad boy myself. Find her here: www.instagram.com/literally_leelee/

Thumbnail Peridot: www.instagram.com/znappleart/
Milady: www.instagram.com/albinoplant/
Daphne and Lion: www.instagram.com/literally_leelee/
MercyXMedic: www.instagram.com/nikkimoxxi/
Demon Prince: www.instagram.com/excessiveexclusives/
Sonico: www.instagram.com/elphiemonstercosplay/
Cana Alberona: www.instagram.com/tokihime_/
Mirajane Strauss: www.instagram.com/spawncoon/
Juvia Loxar: www.instagram.com/sapphstardust/
female Kaneki: https://www.instagram.com/misscourtneymonroe/

Cooper and Lili filmed all of the amazing cosplays featured in this video, as I didn’t have time to explore the floor myself.
As a result, it’s going to be hard for me to credit everyone, so, if you are in this vlog PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT IN THE COMMENTS SECTION INCLUDING YOUR COSPLAY AND HOW I WILL FIND YOU ON INSTAGRAM! Then I will add you to the above list.
You guys made this con special for me. Thank you.

Want to send me cool stuff in the post? Please do!
But- if you want me to promote something, make sure you email me first. I promote VERY FEW THINGS on my channel.
Penny Brown
P.O BOX 927714
San Diego, CA
92192 – 7714
Want to find me on other websites? HAVE SOME LINKS!
Patreon? www.patreon.com/Underbust
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Snapchat? Plunderbun
Twitter? www.twitter.com/Penny_Underbust
Website? www.pennyunderbust.com
Twitch? www.twitch.tv/underbust
Facebook? www.facebook.com/plunderbun
What music did I use in this video?
Blip Stream and The Path of the Goblin King by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

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Anime Expo 2017 Cosplay Fun

Anime Expo 2017 takes place in Los Angeles Convention Center in Los Angeles, California, USA

Music: TheFatRat – Dancing Naked
Original audio content for this video belongs to the respective recording artist and record label.

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Anime Expo 2017 Cosplay Highlights 01

Anime Expo 2017 takes place in Los Angeles Convention Center in Los Angeles, California, USA

Music: Monstaz – Popcorn Funk
Original audio content for this video belongs to the respective recording artist and record label.

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My First Anime Expo and the Artist Alley Art Thief

(in order as they appear in the video)
Steven Universe prints: qnq.tumblr.com
Soot Sprite Charm: http://shatteredearth.net/susacorn/
Kiki’s Delivery Service Charm: http://shatteredearth.net/susacorn/
Cat Ice Cream Charm: http://shatteredearth.net/susacorn/
Food Stickers: https://enfu.com/
Food Poster: https://enfu.com/
Schuyler Sisters Work! Print: http://asunnydisposish.tumblr.com/
Your Name Print: https://penelopeloveprints.com/
Sushi Print: http://shatteredearth.net/susacorn/
Star Guardian Lux Print: https://twitter.com/sakimichanart
Daenerys Print: https://twitter.com/sakimichanart
Lux and Jinx Print: https://twitter.com/sakimichanart
Starfire and Raven Print: https://twitter.com/sakimichanart
Star Guardian Lux Folder: Kamuikaoru.com
Star Guardian Lux Keychain: Kamuikaoru.com
Dog Stickers: https://thousandskies.com/
Lulu and Poppy Print: https://twitter.com/ippus?lang=en
Star Guardian Lux Print: https://twitter.com/ippus?lang=en
Giffany Print: https://twitter.com/ippus?lang=en
Undertale Stickers: https://twitter.com/Kalcedonyx
Opal&Peridot&Pearl Stickers: qnq.tumblr.com
Spirited Away charm & SaitamaxGenos & Sakura charms: I unfortunately cannot figure out who made these charms! If anyone has any idea who the artists are behind these particular charms, please let me know!
Pecachu Pin: https://www.instagram.com/mis0happy/
Angry Sailor Moon shirt:
Weaboo Trash Shirt: http://paradoxjelli.tumblr.com/
Pettanko Shirt: https://kyuutees.com/

Id like to apologize for the really crummy quality of some of the photos I took! My camera quality is lame as hell.
Have you ever had any experiences with confronting an art thief? Let me know! I love hearing art theft smackdown stories!

What Im working on next: A slice of life story and a Hamilton animatic!

Consider supporting me on Patreon!
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Emirichu

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/emirichuu/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/EmirichuYT

Snapchat: Emirichu

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Anime Expo 2016 Cosplay Music video

Anime Expo 2016 Cosplay Music video By Killers And Company

Thank you to all the cosplayers for helping us film this!

Anime expo 2016 had some epic Cosplay and while we did most of our shooting saturday this is only a small portions of the cosplay that was there!

Cosplay by

Karlibra – Saeko Busujima

Holly Wolf – Asuna

Cosplaytwiins – Kurona and Nashiro Yasuhisa

Danielle Beaulieu – Spyro

KAL Cosplay – Nicholas D. Wolfwood and Vash the Stampede

Queenbean – Charlotte

Rian Synnth Cosplay – Asami Sato

Aphelion Cosplay – Sophie Hatter

Feoranna Cosplay – Heda

Sarah Kathrine – Clarke Griffin

Orobas Cosplay – ALIE

Elizabeth Rage – Esmeralda/Hinata Hyuga

Milynn Sarley – Hinata Hyuga

Dawn Zillie – Pharrah

Ragin’ Cajun Cosplay – Junkrat

Le Petit Fromage – Valkyrie Mercy

Julia Mousey – Roadhog

Lisa Lou Who – Mcree

Effekted Cosplay – Hanzo

Lollipop Heidi Cosplay – Espeon

Arielle Celeste and Juli Marie Cosplay – Lightning and Serah Farron

Meagan Cosplay – Kratos

Carleigh Skrammy – Hinata Hyuga

Reagan Kathryn – Meg

Nyao-Chan’s Cosplay – Corrin

Nikumonster – Astrologian (FFXIV)

Vitrih0lic – Dragoon (FFXIV)

Okeneko – Au Ra White Mage (FFXIV)

Siloeyes – Au Ra (FFXIV)

Juicy and Wet Cosplay – Warrior of Light

Music by
nevada (feat. cozi zuehlsdorff)
crossroad (feat. danyka nadeau)


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