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8 Anime Like Attack on Titan

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Top 8 anime like the attack on titan:
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Attack on Titan Episode 03 English Dub NEW HD anime online

Since ancient times, humanity conducts its struggle against the Giants. The Giants are huge creatures, the size of a multi-storey building, which have no great intellect, but their strength is just terrible. They eat people and get pleasure from it. After a long battle the remnants of humanity have created a wall of people surrounded by countries through which will not pass even the Giants. Since then, it took a hundred years. Mankind lives in peace under the protection of the walls. But one day the boy Eren and his foster sister Mikasa witness the terrible events – the section of the wall was destroyed by a super-giant that appears out of thin air. The Giants attacked the city and two children in horror seeing how one of the monsters alive their mother eats. Brother and sister survive, and Ehren swears he will kill all the giants and take revenge for all mankind!

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