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Di nuovo insieme la dottoressa ;D cercheremo di indovinare le sigle degli anime Giapponesi e dei cartoni animati piu’ famosi ;D

Grazie a Re di Pixel per aver fatto l’ Enrico Papi della situazione.

nella scorso episodio …
Dragon Ball, I Simpson , Futurama , My Little Pony , Ben 10 e taaaaante altre sigle di Cartoni Animati anni 90 e 2000

Ma oggi si vola in giappone con tante sigle degli anime piu’ famosi
Dragon ball super , detective conan , attack on titan e tanti altri ;D
Riuscirai a indovinarle tutte e a diventare il campione di Sarabanda Nerd ?

Buona Visione dal Vostro Doc Vendetta di fiducia ;D

✪ CREEPYBOOK — Il Boogeyman un racconto creepypasta


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★Il conteggio da 1 a 10 è stato realizzato da ARAKRIS

** Quasi tutte le canzoni in 8BIT che uso provengono dal canale 8BITUNIVERSE Iscrivetevi anche a lui ;D

** La maggior parte delle soundtrack presenti nei miei video provengono dal canale Youtube NOCOPYRIGHTSOUND / INCOMPETECH e quindi sono esenti dal Copyright.

*** Nei video Creepy utilizzo le seguenti canzoni
— Alcune provenienti dal canale di Myuuji: http://www.youtube.com/user/myuuji
— Midnight Syndicate — Grisly Reminder : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FFUIIfa38Yo
— Lavandonia Theme : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fDNMrco6je8

**** Se sei un artista che ha disegnato una delle immagini da me usate in video CONTATTAMI e inserirò i dovuti credits in descrizione

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Origin 1 | Marvel’s Spider-Man | Disney XD

Peter Parker is on a field trip to Oscorp when he accidentally gets bitten by a radioactive spider.

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Weird, Funny & Cool Japanese Commercials #26 (Anime Special)

Sit back, relax and watch 10 minutes of the best Japanese commercials featuring Anime ~

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→ Next: https://youtu.be/XJS6DIrr7MI

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African Tales The Movie — Mark of Uru — Enemy of the Rising Sun — Business and Pleasure

Award Winning Animation — Mark of Uru

African Tales
Genre: Animation | Family
Award winning animation — Mark of Uru

Director: Obinna Onwuekwe
Producer: Segun Williams
Starring: Angela Ukoh, Patience Njoku, Obinna Onwuekwe, Cyprian Sylvester, Yvonne Ukoh, Sydney Ighedosa, Nsibibe Inana
Running Time: 1hr 05mins
Copyright: Trans◇Tales Entertainment

Mark of Uru
Azuka is a girl born with a birthmark identical to the tattoo of a sinister sorceress Uru, who died long ago. Despite her
mother’s effort to conceal the birthmark, it is eventually discovered, and the annihilation of the child becomes imminent,
in order to protect her people from the curse of Uru. The intervention of the earthbound elemental spirit Isi-Agu and his
protégé Etido forestalls Azuka’s execution. She is taken to a sacred mountain well beyond the reach family, friends and
The moment she grows into a woman under the protection of Isi-Agu and Etido, the news of her survival sparks a deadly
manhunt initiated by people bent on her annihilation, in order to protect everyone from the curse of Uru. The chaos is
heightened by the emergence of malignant elements with the intent to capture her and utilize the powers she might
Caught in the midst of the chaos, her longing for answers grows. With the assistance of a band of outcasts, she
embarks on a grueling journey, through the most treacherous terrains to unravel the mystery behind her bizarre

Enemy Of The Rising Sun
In a brutal civil war that sets his parents’ ethnic groups against each other, Ikenna joins the rebel forces from his father’s
side of the conflict. When Aminu, his mother’s youngest brother is captured in a successful rebel ambush on a federal
armoured column, Ikenna sets his uncle free, to the chagrin of his comrades and vengeful commanding officer.
His action severs his ties with the rebels and he becomes the subject of a deadly manhunt where his total annihilation is
the hunters’ only objective.

Business and Pleasure
Business and Pleasure is the story of an assassin who is sent to terminate a man she admires. Idara’s failure to carry
out the assignment due to deep seeded sentiments sparks a nationwide manhunt, leaving her on the edge and always
on the lookout for the hunters, and a very angry dubious ex-commando who has a knack for making people disappear
without trace.

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TRY NOT TO EAT CHALLENGE! #2 | Teens & College Kids Vs. Food

Teens & College Kids try not to eat Disney food!
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Teens & College Kids try not to eat Disney food! Watch to see their reaction!

Featured reactors in this episode:


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Executive Produced by Benny Fine & Rafi Fine
Head of Post Production — Nick Bergthold
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Digital Production Manager — Andrew Chang
Supervising Producer — Vincent Ieraci
Producer — Katie Harper
Chef — Bryan Achay
Production Coordinator — Cynthia Garcia
Assistant Production Coordinator — Kristy Kiefer
Studio Technician — Josh Hilton
Production Assistant — Kenira Moore
Editor — Chris Haynes
Assistant Editor — Austin Miller
Director of Post — Adam Speas
Post Supervisor — David Valbuena
Set Design — Melissa Judson
Graphics & Animation — Will Hyler
Theme Music — Cyrus Ghahremani
“A Lovely Night” by Josh Molen (http://www.TheTunePeddler.com)

© Fine Brothers Entertainment.

People vs. Food #121 — TRY NOT TO EAT CHALLENGE! #2 | Teens & College Kids Vs. Food

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Shakira — Try Everything (Official Video)

Zootopia soundtrack featuring “Try Everything” by Shakira is available here: http://smarturl.it/zsa1
Amazon: http://smarturl.it/zsama1
Google Play: http://smarturl.it/zsgpa1
Streaming: http://smarturl.it/zssta1
Tidal: http://smarturl.it/ShakTryEverything


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Best Relaxing Piano Studio Ghibli Complete Collection 2016

Best Relaxing Piano Studio Ghibli Complete Collection 2016
(Part 01)
Relaxing Piano — Hayao Miyazaki Collection:
0:00:03 Kiki’s Delivery Service — Umi no Mieru Machi
0:04:46 Princess Mononoke — Mononoke Hime
0:06:26 My Neighbor Totoro — Kaze no Toori Michi
0:11:53 Porco Rosso — Toki ni wa Mukashi no Hanashi wo
0:17:38 Kiki’s Delivery Service — Yasashisa ni Tsutsumareta nara
0:23:01 My Neighbor Totoro — Tonari no Totoro
0:27:22 Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind — Kaze no Tani no Naushika
0:32:10 Laputa: Castle in the Sky — Kimi wo Nosete
0:37:39 Spirited Away — Inochi no Namae

(PART 02)
Relaxing Piano — Ghibli Collection:
0:43:28 From Up on Poppy Hill — Sayonara no Natsu — Kokuriko-zaka kara
0:48:46 Whisper of the Heart — Take Me Home ***
0:54:26 Kiki’s Delivery Service — Message By Rouge
0:59:15 My Neighbor Totoro — Stroll
1:04:01 Tales from Earthsea — Teru’s Song
1:09:24 The Secret World of Arrietty — Arrietty’s Song
1:14:11 Ponyo — Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea
1:18:01 Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind — Nausicaa Requiem
1:22:15 Howl’s Moving Castle — The Promise of the World
1:27:44 Spirited Away — Reprise

Relaxing Piano Studio Ghibli Complete Collection スタジオジブリ宮崎駿リラクシング·ピアノ音楽 :

Relaxing Piano Studio Ghibli Complete Collection :

Studio Ghibli Piano Collection スタジオジブリピアノメドレー【作業用、勉強、睡眠用BGM】

relaxing Piano Studio Ghibli Complete Collection スタジオジブリ宮崎駿リラクシング·ピアノ音楽

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