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Anime Expo 2018 Cosplay Highlights

Anime Expo 2018 takes place in Los Angeles Convention Center in Los Angeles, California, USA

Music: Wave Meow – Power Up
Original audio content for this video belongs to the respective recording artist and record label.

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ANIME EXPO 2018 – Artist Alley Vlog

ONLINE SHOP ► http://www.ccayco.storenvy.com
Artist Alley Review: We all know it’s a pain in the butt to get in to this AA. But it’s going to be worth it, sales-wise. If you can get in, do it.

Tables the past two years were in the $400’s. Hotels in the area are CRAZY expensive, so prep to split a space or just go a 15 minutes away and ride-share to the con. Parking in the area floats around $20-$30 per day. You’ll need to get a CA Seller’s Permit to sell here.

To me, the crowds felt a lot lighter than the previous years. That’s just how I feel, I don’t have any solid numbers to base that on. The AA used to also house the tabletop gaming, so there’s normally some extra traffic downstairs. But they moved the tabletop games to the Entertainment Hall, on the other side of the convention center, in favor of some random nonsense table selling garbage. What the hell was that? Just leave that area curtained off to make the room look smaller.

Also, the previous AX’s I’ve been to had show dates LAND ON the 4th of July. That gives people an extra day off from work to go to AX. But this year, the 4th was on a Wednesday. Meaning we had half of AX be on full work days. Also, this was on the second weekend of July instead of the 1st, which is…. weird.

So, even at its worst conditions, this is still a big money show. Do it.

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Anime Freak | Angpemba

In this video I have mixed the anime characters and their powers. The title of this video is clearly written “anime freak” , it’s not Hattori or Naruto. Sorry if I have made mistakes. I just want to bring something new in my content.

hope you guys will understand 😊

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MY OWN LILY AND GOT SUCC’ED – Anime Expo 2018 Vlog

So many awesome moments, cosplays, and people in here!

People Included (no order):
Huniepot Dev – https://twitter.com/HuniePotDev
Bunny Ayumi – https://twitter.com/BunnyAyu
SSSuccubus – https://twitter.com/SSSuccubus
SomethingWittyEntertainment – https://www.youtube.com/user/SWEabridged
Bijuu Mike – https://www.youtube.com/user/BijuuMike
Yaroshien – https://www.youtube.com/user/DragonMasterAssociat
Lily Cosplayer – https://twitter.com/Voy_AJE

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Outro art courtesy of Rikadoh:

Production Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound: http://www.epidemicsound.com

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Zueiras cosplay no Anime Friends | PARTE 1

Hey Nekotuber! No último final de semana eu tive a honra de participar o Anime Friends 2018 (em São Paulo) e é óbvio que gravei todos os momentos divertidos para que você Nekotuber possa participar comigo desse evento fantástico! s2 Compartilhe esse vídeo marcando aquele seu amigo/amiga Otaku, para que dessa forma ajude o canal a crescer, e não esqueça de deixar seu comentário que irei ler com o maior carinho! o/ Um super beijo da Neko pra você :3

► INSTAGRAM: https://goo.gl/rR2gRD
► TWITTER: https://goo.gl/HrnHaf

Chibi oficial feito pela Thai Dori: https://goo.gl/e9ew3f

❤ Email pra contato: Contatoneko@gmail.com

Grupo: “Canal da Neko Tenshi” (◑ω◐ )/


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Public “ADULT” Virtual Reality EXPOSED at Anime Expo!! BUTTON CHECK

Public “VR SEX” EXPOSED at AnimeCON!!

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Here are some new videos to watch while praying for the future of mankind :’/

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How the fgc gave life to an unfinished game

Maximilian is NOT a racist

Saltobia (Prescription Pill to help with Saltiness)

Link to NEW Patreon –

See you all soon

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● The Sexiest Anime Characters Cosplay | FairyTail, Naruto And Many More | Musical.ly

● The Sexiest Anime Characters Cosplay | FairyTail, Naruto And Many More | Musical.ly


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– NEW! Genderbend Cosplay ➡ https://youtu.be/S_u5vZF5X_w
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