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Citrus [ AMV ] – Give Me Love ❤

Citrus episode 2 / Citrus opening / Citrus ed / Citrus episode 3
Anime : Citrus / 柑橘類
Music : Nightcore – Give me love, Female

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I do not own anything here, I do not own the song or any of the anime used in the AMV

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Anime FMK Unsnipped | 01/17/18 | Winter 2018 Anime Week 2

Here’s our Unsnipped thoughts on Anime FMK Winter ’18 anime week 2 on Four Star Bento!
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The Ancient Magus Bride – 2:58
Hakyu Hoshin Engi – 12:23
Junji Ito Collection – 17:23
Kokkoku – 27:54
Hakata Tonkotsu Ramens – 33:43
Citrus – 40:48
Hakumei & Mikochi – 49:45
Killing Bites – 59:20
HiDive – 1:02:45
Darling in the FranXX – 1:06:32
Pop Team Epic – 1:14:40

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» Anime Winter 2018: All Upcoming TV Series with PVs and CMs

It’s that time of the year again, happy holidays everyone!
※ Source: https://myanimelist.net/news/53374876
※ Upcoming Anime PV Playlist (2018): http://bit.ly/upcominganime2018

※ Video Information
This video features all TV series (excluding kids show and series that I find unsuitable for this list) that will air during the Winter 2018 season. The video will be sorted by premiere date and alphabetical order. Unlike previous seasonal videos, this one will not be split into two parts.

Series that are featured will have a promotional video (PV), commercial (CM), or teaser accompanying them, which will run for approx. 15 seconds each. In case no videos were available by the time I edited this, a key visual will be show in its place.

Feel free to drop a comment if you have any feedback.

※ Music Used in the Video
Tune (03:45): Kanno Youko – Piano1 (Sakamichi no Apollon OST)
Outro: ORANGE★JAM – With You (MZO Jamming Mix)

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If you made it down here, I’d like to let you know that you should have a nice day!

※ Q&A Corner
Q: Snow, why aren’t your videos monetized?
A: Because it’s pointless to have ads for the few people who watch my videos. Just my 2 cents, literally.

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[Anime Vietsub] Citrus Tập 2

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• Thể Loại : lãng Mạng, Trường học,….

• Mô Tả : Lại một bộ Shoujo Ai. Aihara Yuzu ngày đầu ở trường mới cùng cô em gái sau khi mẹ cô quyết định tái hôn; cô em gái này cực kỳ nghiêm khắc và bảo thủ. Thay vì “chơi” một mối tình lãng mạn ở trường học thì đã bị Aihara Mei lôi kéo đủ điều…

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Топ самых ожидаемых аниме, я сделал по своему мнению.

►1 место

►Мастера Меча Онлайн: Алисизация

Точная дата выхода ещё неизвестна,но предположительно апрель 2018 года.

►2 место

►Токийский гуль: Перерождение

На данный момент анонс состоит на апрель 2018 года.

►3 место

►Моя геройская академия 3

анонс 31 марта 2018г

►4 место

►Скитальцы 2

дата выхода неизвестна

►5 место


уже вышел
►MUSIC-Prismo – Stronger
sword art online ALICIZATION
tokyo ghoul RE
boku no hero academia 3rd season
Drifters Trailer 2
Токийский гуль дата выхода
Токийский гуль 3 сезон
Моя геройская академия
Скитальцы 2 сезон дата выхода
Мастера Меча Онлайн: Алисизация
Цитрус аниме

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Anime Vines / Crack #56 – Sneaky loli

Anime crack / vines #56. New anime crack 2018. Thanks for watching!

Anime in the description below. Remember, all of these anime vines are made by me. Feel free to drop a like/sub/comment and come back for more anime cracks. Enjoy!

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twitter: https://twitter.com/Rev_says_desu

—– Anime used in this video: —–

0:09 Mitsuboshi Colors
0:15 Ryuuou no Oshigoto!
0:24 The World God Only Knows
0:38 Yuru Yuri
0:56 Nekopara OVA
1:02 Gabriel DropOut
1:25 KonoSuba
1:32 Blend S
1:46 Overlord Season 2
2:00 Blend S
2:10 Pokemon
2:21 The Devil is a Part-Timer!

Intro Music: Driver – Stereoman – Bubble Cat
Closing Music: Omoshiroebi – Mille Feuille (Orig. Stepic)

——————[ COPYRIGHT! ]—————–


► “Copyright Disclaimer, Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for ‘fair use’ for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.”

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Winter ’18 Anime Season POLL SPECIAL | Anime FMK

Poll here! | https://goo.gl/forms/LRhmNnGU63APhzTg2

It’s the Winter 2018 anime season, and it’s time to choose the best anime for us to watch here at Anime FMK! Your options:

After the Rain – 6:06
A Place Farther Than the Universe – 9:45
Beatless – 12:24
Citrus – 14:43
Darling in the FranXX – 18:30
Death March of the Parallel World Rhapsody – 21:10
Gakuen Babysitters – 23:27
Hakata Tonkotsu Ramen – 28:05
Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-San – 31:14
Katana Maidens – 35:28
Killing Bites – 37:39
Pop Team Epic – 39:54
Record of Grancrest War – 42:48
Ryuuou no Oshigoto – 47:25
Takunomi – 51:38
Tiny Life in the Woods – 53:47
Yuru Camp – 56:30

Wondering where Devilman Crybaby, Junji Ito Collection, and Kokkoku are? Already locked onto the list by our hosts! Wondering where Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card is? On Scott’s personal watchlist! What about Violet Evergarden? Unfortunately, licensed by the stupidheads at Netflix and not getting simulcast.

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Citrus Anime Capítulo 1 Sub Español HD

El primer vídeo fue removido ya que al parecer es mucho yuri para YouTube-senpai. Suscribanse a mi canal secundario por si este muere. ¡Saludos!
Canal secundario: https://goo.gl/oG3iaX
Gracias a horriblesubs por el vídeo y a Crunchyroll por los subtitulos.
Channel for non-spanish speakers: https://goo.gl/hdS5zX
Includes multiples subtitles in English, German, Italian, French and more. (CC)

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Top 10 Anticipated Anime of Winter 2018

Top 10 Anticipated Anime of Winter 2018
Subscribe: http://goo.gl/Q2kKrD //
Have a Top 10 idea? Submit it to us here! http://watchmojo.com/my/suggest.php

It’s going to be a wild season full of sequels, adaptations, and new series. Sure, shows like Dragon Ball Super, Boruto, One Piece, and Ancient Magus’ Bride will still be airing, but we’re looking at the shows that begin in January of 2018. So you can expect to see shows like The Seven Deadly Sins: Revival of the Commandments, Cardcaptor Sakura Clear Card, and Overlord Season 2 to show up on this list. Planning what to watch? Need recommendations on what Anime to watch this season? Check out these trailers and our rankings to get the most of your Winter Season!

#10. “Devilman Crybaby” (2018)
#9. “Citrus” (2018)
#8. “Poputepipikku (Pop Team Epic)” (2018)
#7. “Violet Evergarden” (2018)
#6. “The Disastrous Life of Saiki K” 2nd Season (2018)
#5. “Darling in the FranXX” (2018)
#4. “Fate/Extra Last Encore” (2018)
#3, #2, #1: ???

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