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ANIME OF THE WEEK – Summer ’18 #1P.1

0:00 – Island, 3:06 – Joshiochi!, 4:10 – Hanebado!. 6:20 – Senjuushi, 6:52 – How NOT to Summon A Demon Lord, 8:31 – Middle-Manager Tonegawa, 9:37 – 100 Pretty Boys, 10:13 – Sunoharasou, 10:42 – Gokudolls

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Top 12 Most Powerful Anime Characters Ranked

Top 12 Most Powerful Anime Characters Ranked


SL Made – 12 Most Powerful Anime Characters ( in a Bad way )

Song used:

Midranger – Castle In The Sky (feat. 500Destinies)


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How to Watch ANIME Online for FREE!

How to watch almost any, fairly well-known anime, for free, online, easy.

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